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Team Recognized for Performance Based Logistics Support of the APS-137D(V)5 Radar PBL contract

Successfully supporting programs for the Department of Defense, especially through “Performance Based Logistics” can be seen as the mundane day-to-day of contractual obligation. However, to the warfighters on the ground and to the companies that take the commitment seriously, it can be much, much more.

As the late Gerald R. “Jerry” Beck, distinguished Department of Defense and U.S. Navy Logistician, once said, “to understand, to implement, to sustain PBL-type approaches, which again, go back to how we can best support our kids in harm’s way…I would tell industry…. Go talk to the user. Go talk to the program manager. Go help those kids we put in harm’s way. And leave your egos at the door.”

Raytheon’s APS-137D(V)5 Radar PBL team was recently announced the winner of the 2012 Secretary of Defense Sub-System PBL Award. The honor, which recognized outstanding achievements in providing warfighters with exceptional operational capability through PBL agreements, was named in honor of Mr. Beck., in part through his extensive work the U.S. Navy and the Department of Defense.

Raytheon contract responsibilities included logistics and inventory management, requirements determination, depot repair and spares production, sustainment engineering and a reliability growth program. The firm-fixed price PBL contract incentivized Raytheon to make investments which produced $4.5M in direct savings to the Fleet Flying Hour Program (FHP), improved availability to 99 percent and increased reliability by 121 percent. The team achieved these abundant returns through improved parts support, investments in reliability, optimized depot processes and decreased depot returns.

The award was presented on Oct. 30 at the Aerospace Industries Association Fall Product Support Conference in Charleston, S.C. Raytheon was likewise included in a unique perpetual trophy, engraved with all three category winners along with all previous winners. The trophy is currently being displayed in a publically accessible area the Pentagon.



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