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Mountain biking has all the elements of adventure – speed, heights and adrenaline – and for one middle school student that adds up to a fun challenge.

A MathMovesU® Middle School Scholarship winner, Jack Andraka of Crownsville, Md., rode his way to a $1,000 campership courtesy of Raytheon to camp Awesome Math, where he can hone his problem-solving skills with students from around the world. Jack wrote about his love of mountain biking for Raytheon’s MathMovesU Middle School Scholarship and Grant Program, which honors students and teachers who are passionate about science, technology, engineering and math.

Jack enjoys the thrill of mountain biking and says math and physics are the unseen pedals that drive the sport through gears, distance, turns, jumps and speed. When he isn’t navigating trails on his bike, he enjoys the twists and turns of solving math problems.

“It has this internal beauty of when you find something really cool or interesting, especially when you have that eureka moment when you solve a really tough question,” Jack says of math.

Jack Andraka mountain biking


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