Last Updated: 11/05/2012*

InformationWeek has named Raytheon to its list of top technology companies for the seventh year in a row, singling out the Waltham, Mass.-based firm for its advances in cloud networks.

The InformationWeek 500 list honors creative uses of information technology.

InfoWeek 500 Award

Rebecca Rhoads, chief information officer, and Jon Aliber , vice president Enterprise IT Services, receive the InfoWeek 500 Award.

"This award recognizes the country's most innovative IT organizations," Raytheon Chief Information Officer Rebecca R. Rhoads said. "It confirms Raytheon's commitment to innovative IT solutions that enable global business growth."

Connecting the Company through Cloud Technology

The information technology team highlighted its advancement of cloud services and the improvement in security and efficiency.

Raytheon uses advanced router virtualization technology inside its corporate network to rapidly deploy collaboration network environments as needed. Each collaboration environment is private and secured, but uses the same hardware already in place as a part of the Raytheon corporate network.

These collaboration network environments are known as Virtualized Network Zones (VNZ). Raytheon is able to connect systems to a given VNZ within hours, or even minutes if needed.

Sometimes a new VNZ is built, operated and torn down within a span of just a couple of days, typically for a product demonstration or integration testing. Other VNZ environments can last for years.

The flexibility of the VNZ service saves money and enables Raytheon to respond to customer requests with remarkable speed, efficiency and security.


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