Last Updated: 11/02/2012*

Hashtag4Heroes a Huge Success!

Thanks to everyone for making Hashtag4Heroes, Raytheon's campaign supporting the Wounded Warrior Project, a stunning success!

Twitter users donated more than 330,000 characters to messages supporting the organization during May, Military Appreciation Month. Thousands of people visited this site to read the stories of injured veterans, see their photos and learn about the Wounded Warrior Project's work.

During May Raytheon distributed a special app that allowed Twitter users to dedicate part of each 140-character message to transmit a short announcement about the Wounded Warrior Project. Markers known as "hashtags" helped users share their messages.

Thanks again for participating, and an even bigger thanks to the men and women of the military. We will never forget your service.

Learn more about Raytheon's support for the Wounded Warrior Project.

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