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The Human Rights Campaign has named Raytheon to its “Best Places to Work” list for the company’s inclusion of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender employees.

The Washington-based civil rights group also gave Raytheon a 100 percent rating on its Corporate Equality Index for the eighth straight year.

“Leveraging diversity of talent and thought is paramount to Raytheon’s inclusive culture, which we consider to be a competitive advantage,” Raytheon’s Chief Diversity Officer Hayward Bell said.

Rights Group Names Raytheon among “Best Places to Work” forThe Corporate Equality Index ranks companies on their domestic partner benefits, policies against discrimination, diversity training, recruiting efforts and other issues affecting lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender workers.

Raytheon was among the first aerospace and defense companies to adopt a domestic partner benefits policy in January 2002. In 2005 it became the first firm in its industry to receive a perfect score on the index.

Overall, the number of companies receiving a 100 percent score has risen from 13 in 2001 to 252 this year, the Human Rights Campaign said. 

“Businesses have laid a foundation of workplace equality the likes of which no previous generation of employees and job-seekers has ever seen,” the group's president, Chad Griffin, wrote in the report.

Raytheon is one of the nation’s largest defense companies, with 71,000 employees and sales of $25 billion in 2011. The company celebrated its 90th anniversary this year.

“This eighth consecutive 100 percent rating of Raytheon by the HRC is a reflection of our core values to treat all people with respect and dignity, and to welcome diversity and diverse opinions from all our employees,” Bell said.

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