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With those inspirational words from Network Centric Systems President Dan Crowley, Raytheon dedicated its newest facility in California, the Public Safety Regional Technology Center.

Focused on developing technologies to save lives and protect the public, the center is located in Downey, near Los Angeles. At 27,000 square feet, it’s one of the largest facilities of its kind in Southern California.

And, it’s the only one in the nation focused solely on open communications standards for the public safety market. “This approach lets our customers decide what solutions they want, when they want it,” Crowley explained.

During the grand opening, uniformed members of California’s police, fire and Sheriff agencies joined regional public officials and local lawmakers in viewing demonstrations of technologies that are available here and now -- not in 10 years – that can help them respond to emergencies, or handle routine, day-to-day operations.

For example, they saw a tool that penetrates concrete much faster than conventional methods, saving precious minutes that could mean all the difference when an earthquake hits or when firefighters need to cut through thick structures. Fifteen cutting edge technologies were showcased at the event.

Visitors also witnessed a demonstration of a mobile data computer system, essentially a laptop in a police cruiser that provides instant access to law enforcement databases.

“I wish we had a place like this when I was a cop,” said Mike Bostic, who spent more than three decades with the Los Angeles Police Department. Now with Raytheon, Bostic told the law enforcement community “this center is built for you.”

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