Last Updated: 10/23/2012*

Weather accounts for 70 percent of air traffic delays in the U.S. and similarly affects flights across the globe. Studies, however, have indicated that up to two-thirds of weather delays are potentially avoidable.

Raytheon has teamed with AirDat LLC and Metron Aviation to help the Federal Aviation Administration modernize its airspace with advanced weather models to reduce the effect of weather on air traffic. Two FAA programs, Next Generation Network Enabled Weather (NNEW) and NextGen Weather Processor (NWP), will provide air traffic controllers with more accurate weather information that is translated and tailored for aviation decision makers.

These NextGen Weather programs provide accurate, timely weather information that is assimilated into weather processing systems, predictive models, traffic flow management, automation and other FAA decision support tools. This data will allow for improved decision-making and more efficient air traffic management within the National Air Space.

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Raytheon Technology Provides Air Traffic Controllers With Crucial Information About Weather


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