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After a disaster, the aviation industry is almost always part of the immediate response. When air traffic control (ATC) infrastructure has been damaged or destroyed, portable systems can be quickly deployed – even in remote regions.

Raytheon is introducing technologies that will quickly restore full air traffic management capabilities. Raytheon’s Mobile Air Traffic Control (MATC) system is rapidly deployable; it can be transported anywhere in the world by land, sea or air and made operational within hours by a minimal number of people. MATC provides critical air traffic services through primary and secondary ATC radars integrated with quick set-up deployable radar antenna and secure, networked data communications.

“Transportable air traffic management systems are vital to the humanitarian effort – to enable urgent deliveries of resources and aid by air and to ensure the safety of first responders,” said Stephen DuMont, Raytheon’s director for International Air Traffic Management.

The system includes three shelters that transport and house the radar, communications and operations equipment, enabling surveillance, air-to-ground and ground-to-ground communications, and air traffic control. In the mobile configuration, the operators use equipment identical to what they use in fixed base systems.

Deployable air traffic systems have both civil and military applications. “As the military deploys our best and bravest, a modern transportable ATC system that has all the advanced functionality of the systems we install at fixed locations is a vital benefit to the warfighter,” explained DuMont.

Fast Facts:

  • Raytheon has a more than 30 year legacy in the design, manufacture and support of deployable ATC for the U.S. and international military and civil customers.
  • Raytheon’s deployable ATC used by military customers include:
    • Deployable Radar Approach Control (D-RAPCON) System
      D-RAPCON is the military application of MATC. Raytheon supports deployable air traffic control systems for the U.S. Air Force and Air National Guard.
    • Air Traffic Navigation, Integration and Coordination System (ATNAVICS)
      ATNAVICS is a highly mobile Ground-Controlled Approach system that provides air traffic and precision landing services in location where no operational airport control and landing systems exist. It can be set up in less than 60 minutes with four people. Raytheon provides engineering, technical and depot services in support of ATNAVICS for the U.S. Army and Marine Corps.

Additional information:

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