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ATM - SWIM LargeAs aviation traffic grows so does the pressure to maintain safety and increase efficiency, which, in turn, drive the need to improve air transportation systems. In the U.S., NextGen (the Federal Aviation Administration’s Next Generation Air Transportation System) is an ongoing transition to a modernized national air space with technologies that continue to provide safe, secure flights while increasing capacity, efficiency and economic viability.

Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) enables interoperability between new and legacy systems while improving data sharing and services for both tactical and strategic operations. The FAA’s System Wide Information Management (SWIM) leverages SOA to integrate flight data, including the flight plan and trajectory, with surveillance and weather information for air traffic controllers and decision makers in the tower, terminal and en route airspace. It facilitates information sharing across the providers and consumers of air traffic information and reduces duplicative information and processes.

Raytheon is working with the FAA and the Volpe National Transportation Systems Center on the SWIM Terminal Data Distribution System (STDDS) to provide SWIM SOA interfaces to legacy tower systems to create operational improvements for traffic management systems in the tower/terminal domain. Integrating legacy systems withew capabilities in a service oriented architecture will facilitate the creation and integration of capabilities that support very precise scheduling from push, taxi, departure, cruise, approach, landing, taxi and gate arrival through trajectory based operations.

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