Last Updated: 05/08/2013*

ATM Global - D-Rapcon ImageD-RAPCON is Raytheon’s “air traffic control system in a box” and has the capability to bring instant air traffic control to the battlefield or a disaster site. The D-RAPCON system consists of primary and secondary ATC radars integrated with a quick set-up deployable radar antenna, self-contained deployable ATC operations center, ATC voice (VHF/UHF) communications system and secure networked data communications.

"Our deployable system will support safe and efficient airspace operations in areas where traffic infrastructure is compromised or non-existent," said Joseph Paone, director of Air Traffic Management at Raytheon's Integrated Defense Systems business. "Transportable air traffic control systems are necessary to provide support and resources even in remote areas."

Learn more about D-RAPCON by watching this video.



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