Last Updated: 10/23/2012*

ATM - NextGenRaytheon’s Integrated NextGen Tower System improves the efficiency, capacity and safety of airport surface operations using advanced decision support tools and networked data exchange. The result is shared situational awareness between controllers, airport and airline operations and pilots.

The system provides all the basic capabilities for the air traffic control tower out of the box, supporting clearance delivery, ground control and local control positions. This includes touch screen displays for electronic flight strips (EFS), integrated situation displays including both surface and airborne traffic, as well as remote VHF and UHF radio access and control.

The product is also expandable to include advanced decision support tools supporting airport configuration management, automated runway assignment to minimize taxi and departure routes, surface trajectory modeling for taxi scheduling, sequencing, conformance monitoring, and full exchange of flight status and surveillance for increased airport and airline efficiency.

The system is compatible with System Wide Information Management (SWIM) service interfaces to subscribe to flight data, support pre-departure clearance delivery via airline dispatch, or direct datalinked clearances via Future Air Navigation Systems (FANS) and Aeronautical Telecommunications Network (ATN).

When coupled with remote optical and infrared sensors, this product supports the Staffed NextGen Tower (SNT) concept where remote video is projected and augmented with track and flight information at a centralized tower facility, or presented on an integrated heads-down display. In addition, a full automated tower is also supported.


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