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ATMS - Unmanned Image

Safely Accommodating Unmanned Aerial Systems in the U.S. National Airspace

Bill BlairIndia Shortens Flight Times, Saves Fuel and Increases Air Safety with New Air Traffic Management System
Andy ZoggSolving Commercial Aviation's $27 Billion 'Weather Problem'
ATM - Airport ImageAir Traffic Needs an Upgrade as Developing Countries Become More Affluent, Fly More
 ATM - SWIM SmallSystem Wide Information Management Integrates Flight, Surveillance and Weather Data for Air Traffic Controllers
ATM - NextGenIntegrated NextGen Tower System Enhances Shared Situational Awareness
ATM - WAASWAAS Improves Safety and Efficiency for Pilots
ATM - DASR smallASR-11 is the Next Generation Terminal Surveillance Radar
ATM - ADS-B 1FAA STARS Now Providing NextGen Capabilities
 ATM - CyberRaytheon Enhances Cybersecurity for Critical Air Traffic Control Systems
ATM - MaryAnn King ImageNextGen supports viability of critical national asset with lnks around the globe 
“Trust and transparency are twin values crucial to maintaining the viability of one of our most critical national assets – the National Air Space (NAS),” said Maryann King, director of Raytheon Network Centric Systems Security and Transportation Systems business development. “As the NAS links to aviation systems around the world, moving people and cargo, it is one of the country’s most robust economic drivers.”

Speaking at the RTCA’s Annual Symposium, as a member of a panel of industry leaders addressing the impact of security on NextGen, the FAA’s aviation modernization initiative, King cited resilience as key to maintaining the integrity of the (NAS). “A multi-layered approach to protect both physical and cyber assets will help safeguard the safety and security of the many systems that comprise the aviation domain. We must ensure the breach of one ‘node on the network’ doesn’t impact the entire system."

The NAS will become more interconnected and interdependent as those groups who require access --- air traffic controllers, pilots, operators, providers of weather and other data, among others ---become increasingly reliant on data shared across both public and private information networks designed to optimize NextGen operations. King said NextGen is about building a holistic system, one that enables expansion through new technologies over time to accommodate ever-increasing demands for capacity, efficiency, safety and security.

“Raytheon will continue to support partnerships with the FAA, NATCA, and other industry stakeholders to develop cost-effective solutions,” King stated. “We will work with Congress to help build awareness of the benefits of NextGen solutions, and will continue to develop new business models to address the realities of an austere economic environment."
rtn_leaders_harris_lgNextGen is Significant for Strong Economy
"Training is an integral part of transformation/modernization of the national airspace system(NAS), but it is only one of a number of significant elements.  Working together, industry and government can meet the challenges of air traffic modernization and NexGen," said John D. Harris, President of Raytheon Technical Services Company LLC.  "We are in challenging economic times with understandable budgetary restraints, but I believe part of our economic recovery is dependent upon the U.S. creating the safest and most efficient aerospace system in the world," added Harris who also a member of the NextGen Advisory Committee. "Raytheon is committed to continued support of the Air Traffic Control Optimum Training Solution (ATCOTS) program and partnering to provide technology and solutions for the FAA’s modernization efforts." 
ATM - AutoTrac III ImageAutoTrac III for Safe, Efficient and Green Skies in India
Raytheon's next generation air traffic management system, AutoTrac III (AT3), is now controlling air traffic at three Indian airports run by Airports Authority of India – Delhi, Mumbai and Chennai – covering three of the four Indian Flight Information Regions.
TATA - imageTata Power - SED and Raytheon Display New Air Traffic Management (ATM) System at DEFEXPO
AutoTrac provides integrated surveillance and flight data processing combined with processing and display equipment for the Modernisation of Airfield Infrastructure
ATM - GAGAN ImageGPS Technology to Improve Civil Aviation Over Indian Airspace
Satellite-based navigation can greatly improve safety and reduce congestion to meet India's growing air traffic management needs. 
ATM - Weather ImageNextGen Air Traffic Management to Reduce Flight Delays Caused By Weather
Weather accounts for 70 percent of air traffic delays in the U.S. and similarly affects flights across the globe.
Newsroom - ATM InfographicRaytheon Air Traffic Management
Raytheon safely controls two-thirds of the world's skies, providing more than 350 automated ATM systems to 60+ countries -- more than any other provider.


ATM - Transportable ImageMobile Air Traffic Control system supports emergency response and recovery efforts 
Raytheon technologies quickly restore full air traffic management capabilities. 
ATM - Wind ImageRaytheon Technology Mitigates the Effect of Wind Farm Interference on Air Traffic Control
Raytheon technology allows for more efficient flight routes and enables the adoption of this alternative energy source while ensuring flight safety.
ATM - WindFarm ImageRaytheon enables green energy source while ensuring flight safety 
Technology mitigates the effect of wind farm interference on air traffic control systems.
ATM - Modern ImageThe Goals of Air Traffic Management Modernization
The air traffic management industry is transforming, aiming to create capacity, improve efficiency and protect the environment while maintaining safety.
ATM - App ImageAir Traffic Controller Training? There’s an app for that
A mobile application for Apple's® iPhone™ and iPad™ can compliment traditional air traffic controller instruction.
ATM - Weaterh ImageRaytheon Technology Provides Air Traffic Controllers With Crucial Information About Weather
Weather remains a major cause of flight delays throughout the world. Raytheon technology provides critical data to help air traffic controllers manage weather delays.
ATC Global Traffic“The entire aviation industry is transforming – to cost effectively create capacity, improve efficiency, and reduce air transport’s impact on the environment while maintaining the utmost safety for air traffic.” – Stephen DuMont, Raytheon director for International Air Traffic Management
ATM Crowley Video 1Raytheon's Advancements in Air Traffic Management Technology and Automation (Part 1 of 2)
Dan Crowley, president of Raytheon Network Centric Systems, talks about Raytheon's advancements in air traffic management technology and innovation.
ATM Crowley Video 2Raytheon's Advancements in Air Traffic Management Technology and Automation (Part 2 of 2)
ATM Tom VideoHow Does Raytheon View Air Traffic Management?
Tom Culligan, Raytheon's Senior Vice President of Business Development and Chief Executive Officer of Raytheon International Inc., discusses how Raytheon sees Air Traffic Management.
ATM FAA VideoRaytheon's Air Traffic Control Optimum Training Solutions (ATCOTS)
Raytheon supports the training of the Federal Aviation Administration's (FAA) air traffic controllers.



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