Last Updated: 10/23/2012*

Disruption of the aviation infrastructure would prevent any Air Navigation Service Provider (ANSP) from achieving its mission to provide the safest, most efficient aerospace system possible. More than ever, aviation infrastructures across the world rely on networked operations and net-centric systems running on distributed enterprise architectures and are vulnerable to disruption caused by cyber attack.

The planned roll-out of large scale air traffic management (ATM) modernization programs such as the Next Generation Air Transportation System (NextGen) and Single European Sky ATM Research (SESAR) will offer improvements and upgrades to increase the convenience and dependability of the associated aviation infrastructure and will increase our reliance on enterprise computing and vulnerability to disruption.

Cyber attacks come from many sources and have a range of targets, including civilian, commercial and military systems with the ability to disable critical operations. NextGen and SESAR are both growing capabilities through networked enabled operations that will require protection from all forms of cyber attacks.

To protect current and future systems from cyber attacks, each ANSP is in need of an innovative solution for quickly detecting, assessing and protecting critical ATM systems, and ensuring operational effectiveness in the face of disruptions.

ATM - Cyber

Raytheon’s Cyber C2 system, PRAETOR, understands the links between cyber threats, the enterprise and the mission and is capable of defending the enterprise and assessing the mission impact of the enterprise status. PRAETOR will recommend mission course of actions (COAs) and facilitate dynamic mission re-planning to ensure maximum mission effectiveness during enterprise disruptions caused by cyber attacks or other sources.

Modern enterprise architectures that host air traffic control systems can be complicated and expensive to implement. To ensure compatibility with existing enterprises, PRAETOR was developed using open standards and technologies. PRAETOR leverages our customers’ enterprise investments as parts of a cyber solution and uses open standards enabling PRAETOR to incorporate future enhancements as security needs evolve and threats change.

Air traffic control systems operational networks are critical resources that must be protected from all forms of cyber attack. Regardless of the complexity of the air traffic cyber challenge, Raytheon’s PRAETOR cyber solution provides real-time situational awareness and accurate threat assessment to enable rapid decision making critical to savings lives and protecting valuable assets.


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