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Students and teachers of all subjects are exchanging chalkboards for interactive whiteboards and opting for laptops, tablets and smartphones over pen and paper. The Federal Aviation Administration’s Academy in Oklahoma City, Okla., and its more than 230 Raytheon-managed field locations are also exploring mobile learning options. Training for FAA air traffic controllers still includes traditional instructor-led courses, but is complemented by simulator-based training, electronic learning and even a mobile application has been developed for the Apple's® iPhone™ and iPad™.

The application, developed by Raytheon, runs air traffic control training modules that allow controllers to practice aircraft vectoring and separation exercises at their convenience outside of traditional classroom training environments. Raytheon’s Air Traffic Control Optimum Training Solution (ATCOTS) team is responsible for supporting FAA ATC training across all four domains: en route, tower, terminal and TRACONs (Terminal Radar Approach Control).

We’re training an entirely new generation that was born and raised on the use of mobile and digital technology,” said Charlie Keegan, Director of Civil Aviation Solutions for Raytheon Technical Services Company. “Our primary objective is to use technology and innovation to ensure that the FAA continues to provide safe operations for air passengers for the next decade. We’re using the iPhone as a delivery method to bring the things that they need right to the palm of their hands."

Fast Facts:
  • The FAA employs more than 15,000 air traffic controllers who provide air navigation services to aircraft in the U.S. domestic airspace and the 24.6 million square miles of international oceanic airspace delegated to the U.S. by the International Civil Aviation Organization.
  • There are around 7,000 aircraft in the air over the U.S. at any given time.
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