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Math Hero Profile - Stacey Webb

I no longer teach skill sets in isolation. This has been huge. Every math skill introduced is set in a real-world situation. If there is no meaning behind what I am trying to teach the kids, they will not learn. I start the lesson by asking questions that involve THEM. I get their attention, and slide the math into it without them even realizing it. I make them WANT to know the answer because I relate it to something they can connect with. For example, I walked in asking how many football games we won last year. (Not very many.) This question led into what fraction of the games we won, which led into what percent that was, which led into how many games we would like to win, which finally led into finding the percent of increase – and the kids didn’t even know we had started the lesson! This approach has made the upper-level thinking questions, which all our independent practices and assessments are full of, so much more manageable for my students. They rocked on the STAAR test this year! 99% passed after the second administration!

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