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Math Hero Profile - Jarrod Brown

In terms of innovation, I try my best to be at the cutting edge of technology. My goal every year is to break through to my students in ways that help them not only to learn the material at hand, but to also make math class fun and if at all possible, life changing. I currently use every bit of technology to enhance my classroom as possible. One tool that I feel is incredibly helpful in connecting with my students is my eInstructions Interwrite pad and its software program. An activity that I have created is a “video” presentation of specific problems within our textbook. My software program is compatible with out textbook and a TI calculator program that I have for my laptop. Each student chooses a challenging problem from our textbook, completes the problem digitally using the Interwrite pad and microphone to record their voice as they calculate the problem. The video is saved as a real player file and is then posted online using our school website. This gives students a wealth of information available to them through the school website as a form of peer tutoring.

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