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Math Hero Profile - Lynn Tytka

An innovative method I use is organizing the material into notes on the SMART board and using the SMART board notebook. I have been attending many workshops on how to integrate the SMART board into successful lessons. Some activities are interactive, while some concepts are taught through visualizing or manipulating items on the SMART board. When I teach inequalities, the symbols for “and” and “or” can be very confusing. I literally turn the less than symbol on the SMART board a quarter turn to the right and now they can make an “A” from that symbol so they remember the symbol for less than means “and”. I tell them to remember to turn the symbol to the right because they must turn right when they leave my classroom. I then proceed to teach through analogies and give helpful hints and stories to help with remembering things. For the inequality symbol for “or” they remember to shade on the outside of the number line after I discuss how we are sitting on a canoe in my room paddling to the island that is painted on the entire back wall of my classroom. We are the number line and the oars are in the water on the outside. Thus, when you have an “or” inequality, you must shade on the outside, where the oars would be in the water. I have found that putting math concepts into stories and anecdotes gets the students to listen, focus, and helps them remember things without even trying, which then makes them more successful.

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