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Math Hero Profile - Kelley Straight

Project based learning has proven to be very successful with my students. I have done projects independently as well as with other teachers in the building. During one particular project, I teamed up with a group of teachers to implement a community service project with a group of students. The students worked for over three months researching, working in the community, and creating presentations for the entire staff, their parents, and fellow students. Each week we had mini lessons which included direct instruction, independent research, small group work, and working out in the field. The students worked so hard, learned so much, and had a great time showcasing their accomplishments. In addition to this, I teamed up with the Science Instructor and implemented an inquiry project on heredity. These inquiry projects are so fun and engaging for the students. They were able to learn proper researching and make significant connections between Math, Science, and their lives. The students were able to choose their inquiry question under the theme of heredity. The students worked individually and in small groups. At the end, they created a video explaining everything they have learned through the process. These are just a couple of examples, but I have implemented many others that the students enjoyed equally.

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