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Math Hero Profile - Sean Tillman

I try to relate math as much as possible to the real world and to student interest. Several years ago, I was given an opportunity to create my own elective class for each semester. My elective class for the 1st semester of the school year is a fantasy sports class. Students have to not only analyze statistics for drafting players, but also incorporate the use of a salary cap to create their fantasy team. All scoring is completed and figured in fractions and decimals. The team of students with the highest number of points in the semester wins. My elective class for the 2nd semester of the year is an investment class. Students look at different ways in which money can be invested. The biggest component of the class is where students analyze different ways of investing fictitious money in the stock market based upon an initial $10,000 budget. The goal is for each student to make as much money as they can, given available market information. The coming school year will be the 4th successful year for these elective classes.

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