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Math Hero Profile - Dana Rubin

Since becoming a teacher, I realized that not all students are engaged or motivated in class and made it my mission to make math fun without sacrificing rigor and content standards. For example, when I taught Algebra and Geometry, I would incorporate Geometer’s Sketchpad and Infinite Algebra computer programs in order to give students hands-on projects to promote learning. Using technology gets students thinking about the content and then excite them to discuss their findings with their classmates and me. In my TrigCalc class, which is a hybrid of Trigonometry and an Introduction to Calculus, students are required to understand how to prove the various subject content. Once they understand where it comes from, the students are then expected to problem solve without the use of a formula sheet. Sometimes these formulas are very involved, so I offer fun mnemonic or other memory devices to facilitate the retention of formulas. Also, it is during this class, that many of my students look to take the SATs or ACTs, so I always offer them a reward of $1 for any SAT math problem that they can find which I am unable to solve. Again, this excites high school students, not necessarily for the dollar, but for the opportunity the children get to stump me.

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