A Night of Honor
06/2014    - Missile-destroying Exoatmospheric Kill Vehicle Intercepts Target Raytheon’s Exoatmospheric Kill Vehicle destroyed an intercontinental ballistic missile target in space on Sunday, marking the first successful intercept for the latest variant of the EKV and the ninth for the overall program.
06/2014    - Inside the Space Factory On the outskirts of Tucson, Ariz., one of the cleanest factories in the world runs a one-of-a-kind operation: creating rocket-propelled “kill vehicles” that hunt down and destroy ballistic missiles in space.
06/2014    - High Schoolers Go Behind the Scenes at Raytheon's Space Labs Thirty-one high-school robotics students who won a tour of Raytheon’s Space and Airborne Systems in El Segundo, Calif., got a firsthand look last month at the fascinating work of the engineers there.
06/2014    - Inside The Quantum Mechanics' Shop Pushing the limits of subatomic science is part of Raytheon's futuristic research and development program.
06/2014    - Raytheon's 2013 Corporate Responsibility Report Celebrates Values and Accomplishments Raytheon’s commitment to corporate responsibility is a reflection of our values and the strong company culture we have been building for the past decade.
06/2014    - Math goes the distance: Raytheon’s MathAlive! opens in Boston and Saudi Arabia Raytheon’s globe-trotting math and science exhibition, an interactive showcase with the excitement and energy of an arcade, opened in Boston and Saudi Arabia last week – a dual celebration that shows the company’s commitment to teaching young people how math and science drive their everyday lives.
05/2014    - The Danger Within: Protecting Data From The Insider Threat Results of 2014 Ponemon Insider Threat and Privileged User Survey
05/2014    - Land-based launcher fires Navy's Standard Missile-3 The U.S. Navy has fired a Standard Missile-3 from a land-based launcher, a key test as the United States moves toward deploying the interceptor in Romania to protect Europe from ballistic missile attacks.
05/2014    - ‘Science of Sports’ Science Fair Team Heads to the White House President Obama has some pretty good basketball moves. But a group of Boston-area kids has the game down to a science – literally – and they’re headed to the White House to share their knowledge.
05/2014    - The world in your hands: satellite imagery app goes mobile Raytheon will present a mobile version of its VIIRS View app, a program that delivers stunning new satellite pictures of Earth, during the 2014 Space Symposium in Colorado.
05/2014    - The End of the Flashlight? New Thermal Chips Give Darkness a Run for its Money. New, low-cost chips for sensing thermal energy could lead to a raft of new night-vision products, engineers say, ushering in everything from smarter cars to handheld devices for spelunking.
05/2014    - Bend it Like Bernoulli: Raytheon Introduces the “Science of Soccer” At the event, students discussed the science of goal-scoring and how math and physics determine how a soccer ball bends in flight toward the net.
05/2004    - Eighth-grader becomes Raytheon MATHCOUNTS National Champion The multi-day competition at the Walt Disney World Swan and Dolphin Resort included a written exam and ended with the tense Countdown Round, where the top 12 competitors went head-to-head answering questions.
05/2014    - Missile-Destroying "Kill Vehicles" are all About Protection With the threat of long-range ballistic missiles growing every day, Raytheon has one goal: ensure the U.S. and its allies are protected today and into the future.
04/2014    - CyberSlang: The “@ to Zombie" Guide to Geek Speak “Bot herders” have nothing to do with sheep. “Pentesting” is not what you do with a dried-out ballpoint. And “Air Gap” is not a 1980s easy-listening duo from Australia.
04/2014    - TOW® missiles deliver affordable precision to key U.S. ally International customer funds $750 million FMS order for Raytheon’s TOW® missiles
04/2014    - Bulletproof Electronics Put the Punch in Guided Artillery Shell How do you keep a sensitive guidance system from getting smashed to smithereens as it goes from 0 to 760 mph on the tip of an artillery shell? The answer: bulletproof electronics.
04/2014    - U.S. News recognizes Raytheon Chairman for leadership in advancing education Inspiring students to create a lifelong relationship with math and science is Raytheon Chairman Bill Swanson’s passion.
04/2014    - Welcome to Cyber U: Raytheon Joins with Colleges to Train the Next Generation of Net Ninjas The Hollywood version of a cybersecurity expert is a bespectacled programmer bent over a computer, banging out code.
04/2014    - InformationWeek Showcases Raytheon Technology No bats darting in search of their next prey—only 3-D technologies encircle the walls of Raytheon’s CAVE, an integrated approach to rapid missile design.
04/2014    - Behind the Bow: Elite Team Installs Advanced Technologies on Navy’s Newest Destroyer Seagulls overhead. Waves and water underfoot. After years spent fine-tuning systems in a lab, a team of Raytheon experts is getting its sea legs as it installs advanced technologies onboard the U.S. Navy’s stealthy future USS Zumwalt (DDG 1000) destroyer.
04/2014    - Bigger & Better: The Evolution of a Ballistic Missile Killer Ballistic missile defense is constantly evolving to meet new threats. In the same way, Standard Missile-3 is evolving - with the help of a strong international partnership and innovative engineering.
03/2014    - Raytheon Welcomes New CEO Thomas A. Kennedy Pioneering tech, strong finances and growth abroad signal a bright future, veteran leader says.
03/2014    - Demos in Doha: Technology on Display at Naval Defense Expo Command systems, radars and sensors take center stage at Middle East's largest naval show.
03/2014    - Military Radio-Jamming Showdown: What's Hedy Lamarr Got to Do With It? When dozens of radio engineers gather in Virginia for the U.S. military’s signal-jamming showdown this week, they’ll be following in the footsteps of a most unusual inventor: Hollywood actress Hedy Lamarr.
03/2014    - Black Eyed Peas Frontman Will.i.am Partners with Raytheon Volunteers to Help Local High School Build Robots On the corner of Sixth Street between Chinatown and Downtown Los Angeles is a mural depicting the history of Native American and Chicano culture that has come to characterize the neighborhood of Boyle Heights.
03/2014    - Raytheon goes 5-for-5 in Standard Missile-3 Intercept Tests Last year, Raytheon’s Standard Missile-3 program successfully completed five consecutive flight tests, bringing the program’s space intercept record to 26 in total.
03/2014    - Marriage Made in the Heavens: Storm-Chasing Engineers Share Passion for Extreme Weather Storm chaser Scott Nicholson remembers the day he first fell in love with extreme weather.
03/2014    - To infinity and beyond! Join Raytheon as we celebrate Pi Day There are an infinite number of opportunities to interest kids in math. Pi Day (March 14) is the perfect time to show young students in your life that math is in the world all around them.
03/2014    - Swim, Rocket, Fly and Hunt: Navy’s Morphing Missile Gets New Abilities It can swim, turn into a rocket and then into a jet. It can loiter overhead for hours or streak across terrain at more than 550 mph.
02/2014    - Bloomberg TV features five of Raytheon’s most powerful missiles Five of Raytheon’s most powerful missiles were recently featured on Bloomberg TV.
02/2014    - Innovation, Social Responsibility Propel Raytheon in Fortune Most Admired Survey Pioneering technology, a focus on talent and commitment to social responsibility have driven Raytheon higher in Fortune Magazine’s annual ranking of the world’s most admired companies. 
02/2014    - Sky's the Limit for Students at Air Force Museum in Georgia The engineer who someday designs a “faster-than-light” engine for an intergalactic starship could be sitting in a middle school classroom in Georgia, folding and flying paper airplanes.
02/2014    - Cal Poly-Pomona Inducts Rebecca Rhoads into Engineering Hall of Fame Cal Poly-Pomona has inducted Raytheon's Rebecca Rhoads into its Engineering Hall of Fame
02/2014    - Fifteen Years of Gallium Nitride Innovation Raytheon marks 15 years of pioneering work in gallium nitride technology.
02/2014    - Engineered for Success: Four Women Tell Their Stories of Achievement Four female engineers discuss their careers.
02/2014    - Raytheon Celebrates National Engineers Week Raytheon shared its passion for innovation with students nationwide during National Engineers Week.
02/2014    - Raytheon Presents Cutting-Edge Technology at Singapore Air Show Far-reaching radars, laser-guided rockets and powerful new sensors will be headlining the show as Raytheon shows off its latest technology at the Singapore Air Show.
02/2014    - Free Computer App Delivers Stunning Satellite Imagery A new computer application gives users a satellite view of the Earth in countless combinations of visible light imagery, low-light nighttime imagery and concentrations of ocean chlorophyll.
02/2014    - Freeze. Burn. Shake. Repeat: "Mother Nature’s henchmen" abuse military satellite gear before sending it to customers Raytheon's facility in Marlborough, Mass., the company designs and engineers satellite terminals and dishes for the Defense Department to test their equipment under the most extreme battle conditions.
01/2014    - Experts Gather in Munich to Find Common Ground on Global Security As countries on both sides of the Atlantic combat security threats amid tighter budget constraints, experts are gathering to address the future state of defense head-on at a global conference in Munich, Germany.
01/2014    - Hold on To Your Hats: WeatherFest Blows into Atlanta with Raytheon’s Help Atlanta youngsters will get a close-up look at Mother Nature's worst at WeatherFest 2014 next month, and Raytheon will be right in the eye of the action.
01/2014    - Raytheon secures first international customer for its F-16 RACR AESA radar Contract signed with BAE Systems to provide South Korea integrated AESA radar, electronic warfare, mission computing technologies and weapon systems integration.
01/2014    - Science of Sochi: Kids Learn How Numbers Give Athletes a Leg Up The company is teaming with Boys and Girls clubs across the country to showcase the math and science behind sports, from bringing NHL staff to demonstrate their skills to pairing students with Raytheon engineers for athletics-related science projects.
01/2014    - Swanson To Step Down; Kennedy To Become Raytheon CEO Transition between veteran Raytheon leaders to take effect March 31.
01/2014    - Inside the Navy's Stealthy New Destroyer Advanced Technology Controls Everything From Electronics to Weapons
01/2014    - Wrapping Military Information in a Cloak of Stealth U.S. Air Force chooses Raytheon to protect the communications of bombers, tankers and recon planes.
12/2013    - Raytheon in 2013 From honors at the White House to record-setting missile flights, diamond laboratories to virtual reality chambers, 2013 was a year of inspiring achievements and dazzling technology here at Raytheon. Below are some of our favorite feature articles from 2013.
12/2013    - Raytheon Names Rebecca Rhoads President, Global Business Services Raytheon Company has named Rebecca Rhoads president of the company’s Global Business Services, a group created in January to combine and improve the efficiency of common business operations.
12/2013    - A Modern-Day Rudolph: Air Traffic Management Systems Guide Flights to Their Destinations The Arctic chill kisses the tip of his nose and reddens his cheeks. Snow drifts down from the sky, landing gently on his head. His flight crew checks everything twice as his team of co-pilots take their positions for this Christmas night. With one final hug from his wife, Santa is ready for flight.
12/2013    - Robots and Tots: Raytheon and Mechanical “Elves” Help Collect Toys for Tots Robots designed and piloted by high school FIRST Robotics students help U.S. Marine Reserves load 1,000 toys collected by Raytheon employees in El Segundo, Calif. as part of the annual Toys for Tots toy drive.
12/2013    - Going Big: Growing Network of Giant Radars Protects Against Missiles One looks like a Mayan pyramid and is as big as an office building. Another looks like a golf ball and floats in the ocean on a converted oil rig, while a third, a wheeled radar that can travel on roads, is the size of a Mack truck
12/2013    - Materials Scientists Honor Raytheon VP Lawrence Research into new materials is critical for the defense industry’s future, whether it’s strengthening the nose cone of a missile or improving the mirrors of a sensor, the president of Raytheon Missile Systems told a group of scientists.
12/2013    - Raytheon Among “Best Places to Work” for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender The Human Rights Campaign has named Raytheon to its “Best Places to Work” list for the company’s inclusion of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) employees.
12/2013    - Raytheon honors next generation of aerospace engineers A career in aerospace and defense awaits twenty exceptional students who were recognized as "Tomorrow's Engineering Leaders: The Twenty20s."
12/2013    - Raytheon Recognized for Commitment to Community Passionate employees who volunteer in local communities; a focused strategy addressing math and science education; and support for U.S. Armed Services have won Raytheon a place in The Civic 50 ranking of most community-minded companies
11/2013    - Raytheon Sponsors Winning Students at Supercomputing Competition Raytheon’s Intelligence, Information and Services (IIS) business is sponsoring the six-member team from University of Texas (UT) at Austin as they assemble a computer system and set it to work crunching weather data, running nanotechnology simulations and tackling other demanding programs.
11/2013    - Raytheon Quarterbacks Veterans ‘Salute to Service’ Nov. 24 at Patriots-Broncos Game True Patriots will take the field this Sunday at Gillette Stadium in Foxborough, Mass., as Raytheon hosts its annual “Salute to Service” event with the New England Patriots.
11/2013    - Dots in the Dubai Sky: Thousands Travel to Air Show Guided by ‘Invisible’ Technology High over a New Mexico mountain range, a jet-powered drone turned toward the sun, leveled its wings and began an attack run on a simulated target deep in the desert.
11/2013    - From the Laboratory to the Practice Range, Missile Tech Goes International at Dubai Air Show From the laboratory to the practice range, Raytheon missile technology is going international at the 2013 Dubai Airshow.
11/2013    - Raytheon Will Introduce Next Chapter of Global Aviation at 2013 Dubai Air Show On November 17-21, Raytheon will attend the 2013 Dubai Air Show, showcasing such products as 3-D Audio, center display unit and Patriot.
11/2013    - Raytheon to Invest in Mississippi Radar Factory Expansion "During a Veterans Day ceremony Raytheon announced they will expand the Mississippi plant that makes some of its most advanced radars and other electronics.
11/2013    - Salute to service as Raytheon honors veterans across the nation Raytheon employees honor the service and sacrifice of the men and women of the armed services in flag ceremonies, assemblies of college students and family celebrations in the heart of Walt Disney World
10/2013    - Magic and Science Coexist at Sum of all Thrills Visitors learn math concepts while designing their own thrill rides in Raytheon-sponsored attraction.
10/2013    - New, Larger Standard Missile-3 Moves From Design to Testing A new, more powerful version of the missile-hunting Standard Missile-3 has passed from design to the testing phase, Raytheon announced during a conference in Poland on Wednesday, Oct. 30.
10/2013    - Education of a Hacker: One Woman’s Journey From Clerical Worker to Cyber Warrior Her hands smeared with typewriter ink, her fingernails caked with correction fluid, Jen Havermann remembers thinking, 'Well, at least I'm learning to type.' It was an unlikely start to a career that would eventually turn Havermann into a top cyber warrior.
10/2013    - How to Succeed in Any Business Environment: VP Dugle Inspires Female Engineers Raytheon's Lynn Dugle gives tips on thriving in tough business environments to members of the Society of Women Engineers.
10/2013    - Raytheon Launches Education Programs in Middle East With Museum Exhibit, School Initiative What do video games, sports and robotics have in common? Math and science skills!
10/2013    - Electrons on a Napkin: The Story of the Name Behind Prestigious U.S. Electronic Warfare Award Stan Hall, Raytheon's "father of electronic warfare" perished when terrorists hijacked his airline flight and crashed it into the Pentagon on 9/11. On Oct. 27 the Association of Old Crows, a group of electronic warfighters, will give its annual business development award bearing his name.
10/2013    - When I Grow Up, I Want to Be … in Cybersecurity? Poll Shows Young People Unaware of Field Poll shows Millenials are ripe for cyber-crime.
10/2013    - Boomerangs and the Big Picture: Raytheon Brings Sensors, Upgrades to Army Show New add-ons like the Boomerang Air gunfire detector and cutting-edge upgrades are aimed at helping the Army squeeze more use from its existing equipment.
10/2013    - Navy Chooses Raytheon for New Air and Missile Defense Radar The U.S. Navy has chosen Raytheon to build its Air and Missile Defense Radar, a next-generation defensive system for its Arleigh Burke-class destroyers.
10/2013    - Missile Killer Hits Highest-Ever Target A missile interceptor has set an all-time altitude record, streaking into space in a shot that bested the much-publicized shootdown of a crippled satellite in 2008.
10/2013    - Space Junk Takes the Spotlight With New Forum, Hollywood Movie - and a Crash Space debris is in the spotlight again, thanks to a recent collision in orbit.
10/2013    - A Fighter Pilot’s Weapon Gives Sailors Super Reach From the era of Old Ironsides to today, no U.S. warship has ever been able to use its own weapons to accurately strike back at an attacker over the horizon.
09/2013    - What Comes Next: Cyber Experts Mull Future Threats in Washington Forum Dynamic threats. Emerging technologies. The ever-evolving nature of the Cyber domain requires all hands on deck - government, industry and consumers all working together to solve our nation’s toughest problems.
09/2013    - "No Fake Math" -- Raytheon Math Heroes Make Math Real for Students Raytheon announces the winners of its Math Heroes award program for mathematics teachers.
09/2013    - Stopping Time: Meet the Intrepid Photographer Who Always Gets the Patriot Missile's Good Side Raytheon photographer Dan Plumpton is the man behind some of the most stunning images of the Patriot air and missile defense system. He describes what it's like to be close to a missile launch.
09/2013    - Raytheon's Cyber Leader Explores Security Landscape in Speech Lynn Dugle, president of Raytheon's Intelligence, Information and Services, discussed the present and future of cybersecurity in a speech to business leaders.
09/2013    - Book Highlights the 'Quiet Crisis' of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math New book praises Raytheon?'s MathMovesU® for improving U.S. education.
09/2013    - It’s Academic: Raytheon’s Tech Whizzes Open New World for Students The Tuesday "Stand & Deliver" mentoring sessions in Tewksbury, Mass., are part of Raytheon's nationwide effort to help students by pairing them with some of the world's foremost engineers and business leaders. In Massachusetts, 76 percent of students in the Stand & Deliver program reported better grades, and 59 percent said they were more interested in school.
09/2013    - Double Trouble: Ship Launches Two Missile Defenders Against Target in Unprecedented Test The U.S. Navy delivered a double dose of missile defense, launching two Standard Missile-3s from the same ship at a single target in an unprecedented test in the Pacific.
09/2013    - Raytheon Announces New Role for Harris; Culligan to Retire John D. Harris II named Vice President, Business Development, and CEO, Raytheon International, Inc., succeeds retiring Thomas M. Culligan
09/2013    - Raytheon Chairman Headlines "JFK50: Justice for All" Diversity Event Raytheon Chairman and CEO William H. Swanson discussed the importance of diversity and education as part of a panel of distinguished leaders during a 'JFK50: Justice for All' event at the San Francisco Jazz Center.
09/2013    - Blazing a Trail: Brazilians Get Unprecedented Look Inside U.S. Defense Industry After a four-week, intensive course as guests of Raytheon's Missile Systems, 17 Brazilian students returned home with a crop of once-in-lifetime experiences, valuable business skills and a host of new friends on two continents.
09/2013    - Raytheon Honors the Memory of Our Friends and Colleagues on 9/11 Twelve years after the attacks of 9/11, we honor our Raytheon colleagues Peter Gay, Stanley Hall, David Kovalcin and Kenneth Waldie -- and the other nearly 3,000 individuals who perished that day.
09/2013    - Calling the Shots: Radars and Missiles Deliver One-Two Punch Over Pacific Two of the U.S. Army's new, truck-size radars and a Raytheon-built missile interceptor joined forces to complete a knock-out blow high over the Pacific Ocean in a Sept. 9 test designed to catch troops without any warning.
08/2013    - Defying Gravity: Australian Kids Get a Lift From Astronaut Trainers Helium balloons attached to cups of rice hovered in mid-air as hundreds of Australian students learned about buoyancy from some of the world’s experts – an astronaut and the Raytheon workers who teach NASA explorers to spacewalk.
08/2013    - Rockets and ‘Rithmetic: Engineers’ Tutoring Pays Off For Students What do you get when you add pizza, probability, teenagers and engineers? Improved test scores, students say.
08/2013    - Raytheon Helps Students Beat "Brain Drain" In Hartford, Conn., Raytheon's MathAlive! exhibit is helping students knock off the cobwebs for school.
08/2013    - New Tech Gives Troops "X-Ray Vision" to See Buried Bombs The Soteria bomb-detection system was one of several Raytheon innovations that stole the show during a technology forum in London.
08/2013    - Technology Today Magazine Takes a Look at Simulators From video game engines to virtual missiles, Raytheon's engineering magazine examines the hot field of modeling and simulation.
08/2013    - Blimps Help Guide Air-to-Air Missile Over Utah Desert Raytheon's JLENS system fed information to an F-15 firing an AMRAAM missile, a hand-off that promises to extend the range of fighter jets.
07/2013    - Taking the Keys: U.S. Army Takes Control of JLENS Airships During Final “Test-Drive” in Utah Desert After a six-week-long 'test-drive' in the Utah wilderness, U.S. Army soldiers are ready to take full control of Raytheon's enormous JLENS airships. Next stop: Aberdeen Proving Ground in Maryland, where the twin-radar system will begin a long-term trial watching over Washington, D.C.
07/2013    - Raytheon VIIRS Technology Captures Path of Destruction from New Mexico Wildfire Raytheon’s Visable/Infrared Imager Radiometer Suite (VIIRS) technology is helping capture the path of destruction of the Whitewater-Baldy Complex fire, which has ravaged New Mexico.
07/2013    - Engineering a Love for Science in Kids The program aims to foster a love of science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) as these skills become increasingly important for tomorrow’s workforce. Raytheon is proud to sponsor the program and has provided scholarships to teachers from around the U.S. to learn the curriculum.
07/2013    - Putting Our Heads Together on National Security Each summer, a distinguished group of experts from some of the country's top institutions come together at the Aspen Institute's annual Security Forum to exchange ideas about threats to the homeland and how best to counteract them.
07/2013    - No More Teachers, No More Books – How to Find the Science in Sports This Summer This summer, Raytheon's MathMovesU program is challenging students to consider the science and math behind their favorite sporting event.
07/2013    - Raytheon Wins U.S. Navy Next Generation Jammer Competition Raytheon has been selected by the United States Navy for the development of its Next Generation Jammer program for the EA-18G aircraft.
07/2013    - "Man of Steel" Features Raytheon Super-Phones When the creators of "Man of Steel," the latest Superman movie, wanted to make a military command center look as authentic as possible, there was only one place to go for the right communications gear.
07/2013    - RPS’ Simulation-Based Training solutions receive AHA Endorsement The American Hospital Association (AHA) announces endorsement of Simulation-Based Training solutions from RPS.
06/2013    - Team USA Wins World Rocket Contest With Launch Over Paris Three teenagers from Georgetown, Texas beat out teams from France and Britain at the International Rocketry Challenge, part of the Paris Air Show.
06/2013    - VIIRS Sensor Adds Another Marble to Its Collection NOAA's "Green: Vegetation on Our Planet" depicts the annual cycle of plant life on Earth.
06/2013    - Two Titans of Air Traffic, Dubai and Dallas, Get New Tech For Controlling Their Skies New air traffic control systems are up and running in Dubai and Dallas, helping to increase capacity at some of the busiest airports in the world. One system can "see" aircraft positions 99 minutes into the future.
06/2013    - Pop Out, Drop In, Fire Up: Mastering the Art of the Upgrade As defense budgets get tighter, a new generation of upgrades is allowing countries to extend the life of planes, air traffic systems and more.
06/2013    - Internet Hall of Fame Inducts Raytheon Cybersecurity Expert The Internet Hall of Fame is inducting Raytheon cybersecurity expert Stephen Kent, whose work protects billions of emails, web pages and online transactions.
06/2013    - Virtual Reality System Lets Students Explore 3-D Worlds A virtual reality system used by Raytheon engineers is allowing middle-schoolers to venture into 3-D worlds they've designed in school, from computer-generated forests to Rube Goldberg machines.
06/2013    - U.S. Missile Defense Goes International at Paris Air Show Efforts to expand ballistic missile defense systems to more countries are a hot topic at the Paris Air Show.
06/2013    - Raytheon at Paris Air Show 2013: Media Coverage Select media coverage on Raytheon's presence at Paris Air Show 2013.
06/2013    - Raytheon's CEO Discusses the Future as the Paris Air Show Takes Flight How does a 91-year-old defense company continue to flourish even as U.S. defense spending slows? Raytheon's Chairman and CEO shares his thoughts as the Paris Air Show gets underway.
06/2013    - New Tech to Wow Visitors at Paris Air Show A bumper crop of new technology awaits visitors at the Paris Air Show, from enhanced vision for ground troops to tiny, flying jammers.
06/2013    - Raytheon at Paris Air Show 2013: Photos View photos from Paris Air Show 2013, including Raytheon's chalet and pavilion, which showcase upgrades, missile defense and some dazzling new technology.
06/2013    - Ignition... Liftoff! Teens Face Off in World Model Rocketry Championship The eggs are about to fly as U.S., French and British students face off in a world model rocketry championship during the Paris Air Show. The U.S. team hails from Georgetown, Texas. Their mission: launch an egg and don't break it.
06/2013    - On Final Approach to Le Bourget: A Paris Air Show Preview Fighter jets boom overhead. Crews polish the flanks of new airliners. And in a white-and-red pavilion at Le Bourget Airport, Raytheon workers put the final touches on a showcase of new technology as the Paris Air Show prepares to open its gates.
06/2013    - Raytheon Goes All-In at Paris Air Show: Focus Is on International, Missile Defense and Upgrades Raytheon is going big at the Paris Air Show, underscoring its commitment to international customers even as other U.S. firms scale back their presence. The company is focusing on upgrades, missile defense and some dazzling new technology.
06/2013    - Swanson Honored with Bunker Hill Community College President’s Distinguished Service Award William H. Swanson delivered the annual commencement address to the graduating class of 2013 at Bunker Hill Community College.
05/2013    - Raytheon Releases 2012 Corporate Responsibility Report The report highlights the company’s recent efforts in the areas of governance; ethics; engineering, technology and Mission Assurance; diversity; safety and wellness; sustainability; and community support.
05/2013    - Spotlight Your Military Hero on Social Media Beginning on Armed Forces Day, May 18th, and running through the end of National Military Appreciation Month, the #HT4H Faces of Service gallery spotlights those who have served in the Armed Forces, National Guard and Reserves throughout our history, as well as those who serve so selflessly today.
05/2013    - Alabama Teens Win World Championship With Ring-Wielding Robot A ring-wrangling robot named Chumlee defeated mechanical rivals from 17 countries to clinch a world championship for its builders, a Raytheon-sponsored team of students from Huntsville, Ala.
05/2013    - 2013 Raytheon MATHCOUNTS National Champion Crowned Eighth-grader Alec Sun of Lexington, Mass., won the 2013 Raytheon MATHCOUNTS® National Competition Friday in Washington, D. C. after an intense final round of competition before a live and webcast audience.
05/2013    - Decimals Fly in DC as "Mathletes" Face Off in National Showdown They wolfed down waffles while working equations in New Jersey, drilled on decimals in California and picked apart Pythagoras in Massachusetts.
05/2013    - Explaining Physics, Teaching Math, Feeding the Hungry: Raytheon Kicks Off Week of Service Raising money for food banks. Explaining science to middle-schoolers. Tutoring kids in math. When it comes to making a difference in communities, nobody works harder than Raytheon.
05/2013    - Patriots Owner, Raytheon CEO Tell Their Favorite Science Fair Memories In 2009, Raytheon and the New England Patriots teamed up to launch the “Science of Sports” Science Fair, a program designed to engage students in math and science principles through the lens of sports.
05/2013    - 3…2…1…Launch! Standard Missile’s 60th Anniversary Takes Off! An unlikely choice for an anniversary celebration, Hangar 845 is dust colored, making it barely distinguishable from the parched Tucson desert landscape around it.
05/2013    - "Air Traffic Control in a Box" Wins U.S. Air Force Contract This week the U.S. Air Force awarded Raytheon a contract to build as many as 19 of the systems, each consisting of a transportable radar antenna and three trailer-size containers housing communications gear and controller workstations.
05/2013    - Fifty Years of Owning the Night: The History of Infrared Imaging The impact that FLIR, short for Forward Looking Infrared, has made on modern warfare is the difference between night and day ... literally.
05/2013    - New Interceptor Destroys Complex, Separating Missile Target A new version of the U.S. Navy's premier missile interceptor destroyed a complex, separating target high above the Pacific Ocean on Wednesday, moving the program one step closer to a decision on full-rate production.
05/2013    - From “Bumblebee” to Defender of Continents: Standard Missile Family Marks 60th Anniversary The military called it Operation Bumblebee: a secret program to develop a weapon that -- like the insect -- could take off vertically, change directions instantly and deliver a painful sting.
05/2013    - Revolutionary Radar Keeps Assembly Line Humming A look inside the Forest, Miss. plant that turns out hundreds of aircraft radars using active electronically scanned arrays, a stunning new technology.
04/2013    - American Association of Community Colleges Honors Raytheon CEO The American Association of Community Colleges (AACC) recently recognized Raytheon Chairman and CEO William H. Swanson with its Outstanding Alumni Award.
04/2013    - From Tending Jets to Honoring Vets: Volunteers in Action Raytheon employees are giving back and making a difference
04/2013    - Raytheon Engineer Becomes Earth's Photographer Meet one of the engineers behind VIIRS, the satellite sensor suite that is delivering stunning new images of Earth.
04/2013    - Republic of Korea Selects RACR for F-16 Fleet The Republic of Korea has selected RACR, Raytheon's export-ready AESA radar, for the country's fleet of KF-16C/D Block 52 Fighting Falcon combat aircraft.
04/2013    - Raytheon Engineer Becomes Earth's Photographer The image was taken by VIIRS (Visible Infrared Imaging Radiometer Suite), a sensor on NASA’s Suomi NPP satellite
04/2013    - The History of Satellite Photography, From Black-and-White to High Definition Raytheon offers this look back at the history of satellite photography, from Tiros 1 to VIIRS.
03/2013    - New Datalink Could Broaden Europe's Missile Defense A key component of Raytheon’s Standard Missile-3 successfully exchanged information with a Dutch X-band radar, moving the company one step closer to proving that European ships with this radar can employ SM-3s to defend the continent against ballistic missiles.
03/2013    - Making the Bullet Louder: "3-D Audio" Gives Pilots a Multisensory Heads-Up Raytheon's 3-D Audio technology instantly tells pilots the location and type of threats coming toward them, and gives them new ways to monitor radio traffic as well.
03/2013    - End of the Shoot-and-Scoot: Floating Radar Takes on Missiles, Mobile Launchers JLENS detected and tracked four ballistic missiles immediately after launch in recent test
03/2013    - Raytheon Consolidates Businesses and Announces Key Executive Roles Raytheon today announced that it is consolidating its businesses to streamline operations, increase productivity and achieve stronger alignment with its customers' priorities. The new structure will be effective April 1, 2013.
03/2013    - Atlantic Legal Foundation Honors Raytheon's Chairman and CEO William H. Swanson was recognized for “industry leadership in providing innovative technologies and solutions” for the nation’s security.
03/2013    - Raytheon's Statement on Sequestration Read the statement from Raytheon Chairman and CEO William H. Swanson on sequestration.
03/2013    - Raytheon Sponsors Teacher-Training Hub in Alabama Engineering is Elementary® launches Alabama teacher training hub thanks to grant from Raytheon
02/2013    - National Engineers Week Inspires Students During National Engineers Week, Raytheon employees brought science, technology, engineering and math to life for students nationwide in hopes of inspiring them to become the next generation of innovators.
02/2013    - President Obama Honors Raytheon BBN Technologies Raytheon BBN won the ultimate honor: a National Medal of Technology and Innovation from President Barack Obama.
02/2013    - Education Initiatives Inspire the Next Generation in the Middle East From helming a ship simulator to trying out a handheld translator, college students got a first-hand glimpse of the latest defense technology as Raytheon's guests at the International Defense Exhibition (IDEX) in Abu Dhabi this week.
02/2013    - Engineers Week: An Email That Changed the World It was 1971, and in a windowless room in Cambridge, Mass., a bearded engineer named Ray Tomlinson was hunched before two massive computers, struggling to send the world’s first e-mail. He had been banging on a teletype keyboard for hours, trying to get a few words from one cabinet-sized computer to another. Now he tried again. For a moment there was silence. And then with a rattle, the teletype came alive.
02/2013    - Engineers Week: An Engineer's Journey to Space When Robert Curbeam was a kid, he spent hours designing airplanes and rockets: sketching out the fins, coloring in the flames and pondering the sweep of each hand-drawn wing. But actually flying into space? That dream came later for this veteran.
02/2013    - Raytheon Delivers First SM-6 From State-of-the-Art Missile Plant Raytheon’s new, state-of-the-art missile factory in Huntsville, Ala. has delivered its first Standard Missile-6, a ship defense weapon that will soon be able to attack ballistic missiles as well.
02/2013    - Inside the Diamond Mine: Synthetic Gems Get the Military’s Attention Diamonds may no longer be just a girl’s best friend. Sixty years after Marilyn Monroe’s musical ode to them, the military is showing interest in the synthetic version of these classic gems.
02/2013    - Going Global: New Launcher, Partnerships Show Raytheon's International Reach Perched on the deck of a warship, the CENTURION looks all the world like a squat, gray pepper shaker. But this pepper shaker packs some serious heat.
02/2013    - From Front Line to War Room, Linguistics Changing Military's Work TransTalk and other Raytheon language technologies revolutionize the way militaries and intelligence services work.
02/2013    - Raytheon at IDEX 2013 International Defense Conference and Exhibition Raytheon has been doing business in the Middle East for nearly 50 years. We focus on building strong partnerships that create innovative defense solutions.
02/2013    - Inside the Diamond Mine: Synthetic Gems Get the Military's Attention Diamonds may no longer be just a girl's best friend. Sixty years after Marilyn Monroe's musical ode to them, the military is showing interest in the synthetic version of these classic gems.
02/2013    - “Super Vision” Meets Frankenstorm: How a Satellite Zeroed In On Sandy The VIIRS (Visible Infrared Imager Radiometer Suite) sensor suite, orbiting 512 miles above the roiling storm aboard the Suomi NPP satellite, poured down data like nothing scientists had ever seen.
02/2013    - Navy Uses Raytheon SM-3 and Space Sensor to Destroy Target In a first-of-its-kind test, a Raytheon Standard Missile-3 Block IA fired from the USS Lake Erie destroyed a medium-range ballistic missile target using a remote cue from a satellite sensor system.
01/2013    - Navy Multiband Terminals: Linking Sea and Space The Navy recently cleared the terminals for full rate production, meaning the system has met the service’s highest standards and is suitable for day-to-day operations.
01/2013    - Sizzle-Free Circuits: New Factory Turns Out Electronics That Can Beat the Heat Using high-voltage beams of ions, Raytheon technicians are building circuits from synthetic wafers of silicon carbide, a substance found naturally in asteroids and interplanetary dust.
01/2013    - “Spearhead” of U.S. Missile Defense System Passes Test As the ‘spearhead’ of the ground-based missile interceptor, Raytheon’s upgraded Exoatmospheric Kill Vehicle played a vital role in a non-intercept flight test of Boeing's Ground-based Midcourse Defense program.
01/2013    - Tiny Satellites To Give Warfighters a Bird's-Eye View of the Battlefield Small, “disposable” satellites launched from fighter jets could soon give soldiers a birds-eye view of the battlefield at a fraction of the cost of other sensors.
01/2013    - MathAlive!, a Hit in Huntsville, Moves to Space Center Houston Houston, prepare for blastoff! MathAlive!, the hands-on exhibit exploring the math behind sports, video games and other everyday activities, opens at Space Center Houston on Feb. 23.
01/2013    - From Acoustics to Internet, Tech Firm's Advances Echo in the White House This week President Obama will award the Cambridge, Mass. firm the National Medal of Technology and Innovation for its history of inventions.
01/2013    - Flying Foam, Cracking Concrete as Raytheon Kicks off Science Fair The fifth annual ‘Science of Sports’ kickoff event at Gillette Stadium in Foxboro, Mass
01/2013    - Raytheon to Award Grants to K-12 Teachers Nationwide to Support STEM Education Raytheon’s MathMovesU® program is offering scholarships and grants to recognize K-12 teachers like these for their commitment to science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) education.
12/2012    - Raytheon in 2012: Year in Review From humming robots to howling jets, Nerf-dart shootouts to speeding satellites – the past year was one of excitement and discovery here at Raytheon. Here are some of our favorite feature articles from 2012, Raytheon's 90th year of technology and innovation leadership.
12/2012    - 8th Annual Massachusetts Conference for Women 200 Raytheon women joined some 8,000 participants for a day of keynote speeches, health and wellness tips, expert mentoring and professional development seminars as part of this year's Massachusetts Conference for Women, the largest women's conference in the United States.
12/2012    - NASA Unveils 'Black Marble' Images Taken From VIIRS Sensor Raytheon's VIIRS sensor system makes history as NASA unveils new Black Marble images - three unique views of Earth at night.
12/2012    - JLENS Simultaneously Tracks Swarming Boats, Cars and Aircraft JLENS proves ability to defend congested vital waterways
12/2012    - Raytheon Awarded Contract to Continue JAGM Development When warfighters are ready to engage the enemy, they want to have the best possible weapons with them – weapons they know they can count on, regardless of weather or battlefield conditions.
11/2012    - Modernized Patriot: Smarter, Faster, Tougher From tiny computer chips to sleek new touchscreens, designers have invested more than $400 million into Patriot as part of a massive program aimed at making the legendary air and missile defense system faster, smarter and tougher.
11/2012    - Inside Raytheon's New Missile Factory Welcome to Huntsville, Ala., where workers will soon produce a key piece of the U.S. missile defense plan, the Standard Missile-3, in a gleaming factory designed with virtual reality tools and outfitted with the latest machinery.
11/2012    - IEEE Honors Raytheon Vice President of Engineering, Technology and Mission Assurance Recognizing the achievements of its members is an important part of the mission of the IEEE.
11/2012    - Aiming Higher: Astronaut Goes from Sketching Planes to Walking in Space When Robert Curbeam was a kid, he spent hours designing airplanes and rockets: sketching out the fins, coloring in the flames and pondering the sweep of each hand-drawn wing.
11/2012    - Raytheon Among “Best Places to Work” for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender The Human Rights Campaign has named Raytheon to its “Best Places to Work” list for the company’s inclusion of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender employees.
11/2012    - Raytheon's Information Technology Organization Recognized as Industry Leader in Innovation The InformationWeek 500 list honors creative uses of information technology.
11/2012    - Raytheon Invites Twitter Followers to Veterans Day Tweetup Raytheon Invites Twitter Followers to Join Us in Honoring Our Nation’s Veterans
11/2012    - Raytheon Recognized for Commitment to Community The Civic 50 is the first scientific evaluation to rank the S&P 500 companies that best use their time, talent, and resources to improve the quality of life where they do business.
11/2012    - Hashtags 4 Heroes: Using Social Media’s Vast Reach to Thank our Troops Spread the word, take to Twitter to share thanks and remembrances #HT4H (Hashtags4Heroes) in honor of veterans this month
11/2012    - Parent Survey about Math Learning and Future Success Parents see math as a stepping stone to future success
10/2012    - Honoring Our Troops at the Shades of Green Resort® Raytheon has renewed its sponsorship of the Raytheon Wounded Warrior Suite in the Shades of Green® Resort at the Walt Disney World® Resort in Lake Buena Vista, Fla.
10/2012    - Buckle up for the Sum of all Thrills™ Third Anniversary Get ready for speed as the Sum of all Thrills™ at INNOVENTIONS at Epcot® at the Walt Disney World® Resort in Lake Buena Vista, Fla., celebrates its third anniversary this week.
10/2012    - Sum of all Thrills™ Celebrates Third Anniversary Learn how Raytheon celebrated the second anniversary of 'Sum of all Thrills' by hosting the annual Disney character breakfast for military families at the Shades of Green Armed Forces Recreation Center and volunteering at Epcot.
10/2012    - Appsmart Marketplace Named to C4ISR Journal's Big 25 List Appsmart Marketplace Named to C4ISR Journal's Big 25 List
10/2012    - Raytheon Invites Twitter Followers to Space Camp, Veterans Day Tweetups From blastoff to kickoff, Raytheon's followers on the social network Twitter can join us in real life during two events at the U.S. Space and Rocket Center and at Gillette Stadium, home of the New England Patriots.
10/2012    - Raytheon Sponsors Space Shuttle Endeavour's Final Mission Raytheon is sponsoring the space shuttle Endeavour as it moves to its final home at the California Science Center in Los Angeles.
10/2012    - Tools for A Nimbler Army: Bringing Networks to Far-Flung Bases and Hostile Places From streaming video to real-time intelligence data, Raytheon is creating new networking tools for the nimbler, tightly focused operations of today’s changing military.
10/2012    - Tools For Tighter Quarters: Bringing a New Level of Precision to Today's Battlefield From guided artillery shells to tiny missiles, Raytheon is developing a new generation of highly accurate, cost-effective tools for the crowded spaces and chaotic streets of today’s battlefields.
10/2012    - Sensors Become Difference Between Victory and Deadly Mistakes On today’s battlefield, the best sensors are increasingly marking the difference between victory and defeat: between meeting the enemy and making a deadly mistake.
10/2012    - U.S. Military Destroys Targets in History-Making Missile Test Raytheon missiles, radars and other systems played critical roles in the U.S. Missile Defense Agency's largest live-fire missile defense test in history.
10/2012    - The Future of Electronic Warfare Resides at Raytheon Raytheon leads the development and production of electronic warfare (EW) system solutions for the U.S. Air Force, U.S. Navy, U.S. Army and their international counterparts.
09/2012    - BattleGuard: Advanced Detection for Better Protection A new remote weapons station from Raytheon allows soldiers to see twice as far as with competing technologies while remaining safely inside their vehicles.
09/2012    - Wounded Veterans Bicycle Through America’s Birthplace Dozens of wounded veterans and their supporters bicycled through the countryside around Concord, Mass. on a Soldier Ride organized by Wounded Warrior Project. Raytheon employees volunteered at the event, and some accompanied the veterans on their ride.
09/2012    - Defense Leader Raytheon Celebrates 60 Years on the NYSE by Ringing Closing Bell And on Wall Street, Raytheon, the company at the center of all this technological change, was joining the New York Stock Exchange.
09/2012    - Games, Classroom Grants as Raytheon Launches Mission to Mars Campaign Raytheon is rocketing into the school year with games, a poll and thousands of dollars in classroom grants as part of its Mission to Mars campaign
09/2012    - Raytheon opens Engineering is Elementary® 2012/2013 scholarships Calling all Elementary School Teachers
09/2012    - Raytheon Executive Selected for Annual Women Worth Watching Feature Leaders at the Waltham, Massachusetts-based aerospace and defense company have been crisscrossing the globe in recent years as foreign sales have become an ever-larger slice of its business.
09/2012    - VIIRS Captures the Bright Lights of London A nighttime view of London taken by the VIIRS sensor as the city prepares for the closing ceremony of the 2012 Olympic Games.
09/2012    - Raytheon Receives 2012 CIO 100 Award for Innovation in Information Technology Raytheon was recently honored with the 2012 CIO 100 Award distinction by CIO magazine.
09/2012    - Defense Leader Raytheon Celebrates 60 Years on the NYSE by Ringing Closing Bell Raytheon's stock was first listed on the NYSE on Sept. 15, 1952.  That year Raytheon reported net sales of $111 million and a workforce of 17,000 employees.
09/2012    - Raytheon Receives 2012 CIO 100 Award for Innovation in Information Technology CIO magazine recognizes Raytheon’s IT organization for delivering a solution that optimizes business processes, saves time and increases savings that are passed on to the customer.
09/2012    - Foam Darts and Big Ideas Build Cyber Powerhouse With a rainbow-colored rack of toy dart guns on the wall, a foosball table in the break room and a dress code of t-shirts and jeans, SI Government Solutions looks more like a Silicon Valley startup than part of a big defense company.
09/2012    - Raytheon Honors the Memory of Our Friends and Colleagues on 9/11 On the 11th anniversary of the attacks of 9/11, we honor the memory of our Raytheon colleagues Peter Gay, Stanley Hall, David Kovalcin and Kenneth Waldie — and the other nearly 3,000 individuals who perished that day.
08/2012    - Raytheon's International Business Featured on 'This Week in Defense News' Raytheon's Tom Culligan discussed how Raytheon views international defense markets and global competitiveness in today's business environment.
08/2012    - Raytheon Named a 2012 Top Employer by 'Workforce Diversity' Magazine Readers of Workforce Diversity for Engineers and IT Professionals voted Raytheon as a top company that promotes a positive, inclusive environment for members of minority groups, women and people with disabilities.
08/2012    - The Wall Street Journal Names Raytheon’s David Wajsgras Among the "Best CFOs" Wajsgras was the only CFO from the aerospace and defense industry included in the ranking.
08/2012    - It's Not Your Father's Maverick When our troops are pinned down by hostile fire, they count on Maverick to eliminate the threat without causing unnecessary collateral damage.
08/2012    - Raytheon Sensor Captures Nighttime View of Hurricane Isaac A Raytheon-built sensor captured this striking nighttime view of Hurricane Isaac as the storm whipped the southern United States this week.
08/2012    - New Mobile App Provides "Virtual Radios" for First Responders A new mobile app turns computers, tablets and smartphones into "virtual radios," allowing emergency dispatchers to quickly mobilize help and extend their reach beyond radio networks.
08/2012    - Tiny Guided Bomb Scores a Direct Hit on Arizona Test Range Pyros aims to bring new accuracy to unmanned mini-aircraft
07/2012    - Raytheon Awarded $925M for New Larger, More Powerful Standard Missile-3 The U.S. Missile Defense Agency awarded Raytheon a $925 million contract to continue developing its Standard Missile-3 Block IIA, which adds more powerful motors, a larger body and a bigger kinetic warhead to the proven SM-3.
07/2012    - Math Comes Alive at Arizona Science Center! MathAlive! VIP Event in One Word - Awesome!
07/2012    - Raytheon’s 90th Anniversary: A Perpetual Engine of Technology and Innovation Leadership Ninety years ago, the founders of a high-tech startup used chalk and string to trace the dimensions of their first lab
07/2012    - Raytheon Receives Two James S. Cogswell Awards The Defense Security Services (DSS) selected two Raytheon facilities to receive the prestigious James S. Cogswell Award for Outstanding Industrial Security Achievement.
06/2012    - Raytheon Leaders Emphasize Productive Relationships With Turkey Raytheon Chairman and CEO William H. Swanson was the keynote speaker at the American-Turkish Council's 31st Annual Conference on U.S.-Turkish Relations, where he emphasized the company’s long-standing heritage of building industrial partnerships in the nation.
06/2012    - Newest SM-3 Takes Out Another Ballistic Missile Target The SM-3 is a defensive weapon used by the U.S. Navy to destroy short- to intermediate-range ballistic missiles. The SM-3 destroys incoming ballistic missile threats by colliding with them, a concept sometimes described as "hitting a bullet with a bullet."
06/2012    - New Technology Today Now Available — “Raytheon’s Materials Technology” Read about Raytheon’s materials discovery and innovation, which lead to creating successful solutions for our customers.
06/2012    - Importance of Protected Satellite Communications Advanced satellite communications are an absolute necessity for military victory. The information that gets sent around the world must be kept safe, secure and protected.
05/2012    - Today's Tomahawk Block IV Cruise Missile Unmanned aircraft seem to get all the headlines these days. But the ship- and submarine-launched Tomahawk cruise missile — an unmanned aircraft that goes on a one-way trip — is quietly upping its game.
05/2012    - Raytheon Participates in 2012 SOFEX Raytheon showcases its products at this year's edition of the Special Operations Forces Exhibition and Conference in Amman, Jordan.
05/2012    - Raytheon Wins Aerospace Industries Association’s 2012 Safety Excellence Award Raytheon’s exceptionally low employee injury rate and strong workplace safety program help achieve safest year in company history
05/2012    - Raytheon Releases 2011 Corporate Responsibility Report Raytheon Chairman and CEO William H. Swanson released the company’s new Corporate Responsibility Report at the 2012 Annual Meeting of Stockholders May 31.
05/2012    - GPS Modernization Day on the Hill Raytheon and industry partners come together at GPS Modernization Day on the Hill event to educate government leaders on the importance of GPS.
05/2012    - Mark E. Russell Awarded Honorary Doctorate UMass Amherst awards Raytheon Vice President of ET&MA Mark E. Russell an honorary doctorate in Engineering.
05/2012    - Raytheon’s Jeff Snyder Participates in Panel Debate on International Cooperation in Cyber-Security Jeff Snyder describes today’s cyberthreat on a Security and Defence Agenda panel
05/2012    - Raytheon Wins Four Corporate University Xchange Awards, Named Best Overall for Learning Raytheon recently received four awards and was named best overall at the 13th Annual Corporate University Xchange Excellence and Innovation Awards.
05/2012    - Raytheon Awards TARC Winners a Trip to the Farnborough International Airshow Madison West High School students from Madison, Wis. take first place in Team America Rocketry Challenge.
05/2012    - Raytheon Invites 50 Followers to Tweetup at Farnborough Airshow The Tweetup will provide Raytheon's social media followers with exclusive access to the Airshow via Raytheon’s hub at Farnborough.
05/2012    - Debate on International Cooperation in Cyber-security to be Held in Brussels Debate on International Cooperation in Cyber-security to be held May 10
04/2012    - World's First Email Puts Raytheon Engineer in the Internet Hall of Fame Ray Tomlinson's message put “@” on the map, revolutionized communications
04/2012    - Raytheon Awarded 2012 ENERGY STAR® Sustained Excellence Award For the fifth consecutive year, Raytheon was recognized with the 2012 ENERGY STAR® Sustained Excellence Award by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for ongoing leadership in energy conservation, reduced greenhouse gas emissions and innovative energy efficiency practices.
04/2012    - Mathematics Awareness Month: Raytheon MathMovesU Scholarship Winners Spotlight Raytheon annually awards more than $2 million in MathMovesU scholarships and grants to recognize students, their teachers and schools for mathematical achievement and advancement.
04/2012    - Raytheon-FIRST® Robotics Scholarship Program Now Accepting Applications The Raytheon-FIRST Robotics Scholarship Program has awarded more than $300,000 in college scholarships in 9 years of operation.
04/2012    - National Volunteer Week 2012 Volunteers create positive change, not only in themselves and those they volunteer with, but with peers, colleagues and the community.
04/2012    - U.S. Middle School Students Give Their Take on Math Raytheon-commissioned survey results identify the learning preferences and habits of U.S. middle school students and pinpoint their perceptions and attitudes about the role math plays in the classroom and at home, as well as the importance of math to their futures.
04/2012    - Math Hero Awards: The Numbers Add Up Do you know an inspirational math teacher? If so, then you can make a difference.
04/2012    - April Is Math Awareness Month Mathematics Awareness Month, held each year in April, was created to increase public understanding of and appreciation for mathematics.
04/2012    - Raytheon at the 2012 Navy League Sea-Air-Space Exposition Raytheon is showcasing its broad portfolio of naval technologies, programs and solutions that span the full sensor; command, control, communication and intelligence (C3I); and effector spectrums.
03/2012    - Raytheon Debuts New-Production Patriot System Raytheon's new ground-up production Patriot successfully completed a system-level guided flight test at White Sands Missile Range, N.M.
03/2012    - Raytheon at Defexpo India 2012 Raytheon's innovative technologies showcased at Defexpo India 2012 span Military Modernization, Air & Missile Defence and Homeland Security applications across all domains.
03/2012    - 'Profiles in Diversity Journal' Recognizes Raytheon CEO as a CEO in Action Raytheon Chairman and Chief Executive Officer William H. Swanson has been recognized as a CEO in Action in the March/April issue of Profiles in Diversity Journal.
03/2012    - Raytheon Hosts a Press Briefing About its Missile Defense Solutions Raytheon's vice president of Business Development discusses the future of homeland and regional missile defense.
03/2012    - Raytheon and PSATRI Host Technology Workshop at King Saud University In its continued commitment to education in the Middle East, Raytheon hosted a Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Technology Workshop at the King Saud University in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, on March 3-4, 2012.
03/2012    - Happy Pi Day! Raytheon Extends STEM Teacher Appreciation Events This year, Raytheon is expanding its annual Pi Day celebration by delivering hundreds of apple pies nationwide to math and science teachers at middle and high schools located within a 3.14-mile radius of select company locations across the country.
03/2012    - Raytheon Ranks No. 2 on Minority Engineer Magazine’s List of Top 50 Employers The readers of Minority Engineer magazine ranked Raytheon No. 2 on the list of Top 50 Employers for 2012.
03/2012    - Raytheon Global Air Traffic Management Raytheon is showcasing its world-leading air traffic management technologies at ATC Global 2012.
03/2012    - Raytheon Ranks No. 2 on Minority Engineer Magazine’s List of Top 50 Employers The readers of Minority Engineer magazine ranked Raytheon No. 2 on the list of Top 50 Employers for 2012.
02/2012    - RPS Ranks No. 1 in HRO Today Magazine’s Baker’s Dozen Raytheon Professional Services was named the No.1 training outsource provider in HRO Today magazine’s 2012 “Baker’s Dozen" in Learning.
02/2012    - Raytheon's McCoy Named a 2012 Computerworld Premier 100 IT Leader Raytheon's Jim McCoy, chief information officer and vice president for Information Technology at Integrated Defense Systems, was recognized by IDG's Computerworld Magazine as a 2012 Premier 100 IT Leaders honoree.
02/2012    - Raytheon Celebrates National Engineers Week 2012 Across the Country Raytheon Company will celebrate National Engineers Week (Feb. 19-25) by connecting students with world-class technical talent in interactive experiences to bring the wonders of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) disciplines to life.
02/2012    - Raytheon's 2011 Community Footprint Raytheon extended its community outreach in 2011, demonstrating outstanding commitment to its focus areas of math and science initiatives, armed services support and local community projects.
02/2012    - Raytheon to Host First Tweetup to Launch MathAlive! Exhibit at the Smithsonian Raytheon invites its Twitter followers to an exclusive, private tour of the new MathAlive! exhibit at the Smithsonian’s International Gallery, inside the Ripley Center, at 2 p.m. EST on Friday, March 9, 2012.
02/2012    - Raytheon's Rhoads Tops List of Boston's Most Powerful Women in Tech Raytheon Vice President and Chief Information Officer (CIO) Rebecca Rhoads was named Boston's most powerful woman in technology on Boston.com.
02/2012    - Raytheon to Showcase Public Safety Technologies at New California Research Facility Raytheon dedicated its newest facility in California, the Public Safety Regional Technology Center.
02/2012    - Raytheon's Innovative Railgun Technology Garners Media Attention IDS Engineering's Advanced Technology organization is developing the Pulse Forming Network for the railgun, a multimission and multiplatform system that offers an incredible array of operational capabilities and benefits for the warfighter.
02/2012    - Raytheon, Lockheed Martin Team to Provide SEWIP Electronic Attack Capability for U.S. Navy Mark Kula, vice president for Tactical Airborne Systems, says EA capabilities will give Navy fleet commanders a critical advantage on the seas.
01/2012    - VIIRS Takes Stunning New 'Blue Marble' Image of Earth This week, NASA unveiled imagery called the most amazing high definition image of Earth, taken from Raytheon's Visible Infrared Imaging Radiometer Suite instrument aboard the NSS satellite.
01/2012    - 10th Anniversary of Standard Missile-3 Intercept Jan. 25, 2002 marked the first interception of a ballistic missile from a sea-based platform.
01/2012    - Raytheon Technology and Innovation Leadership Help Shape the Future of Law Enforcement Raytheon and L.A. Sheriff's Department get rave reviews from Consumer Electronics Show
01/2012    - Raytheon at Surface Navy 2012 A naval technology leader, delivering trusted solutions
01/2012    - Raytheon Supports Indian Army Day Raytheon, the world's leading provider of state-of-the-art military technologies, salutes the valiant Indian soldier, protector of the world's largest democracy.
01/2012    - AIAA Honors Two From Raytheon The American Institute of Aeronautics  and Astronautics has honored Raytheon’s Mark  E. Russell and James A. Horkovich with the distinction of 2012 AIAA Fellows.
01/2012    - Seven Raytheon Employees to be Recognized at the 2012 BEYA Conference Seven Raytheon employees will be honored for their contributions to the science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) fields at the 2012 Black Engineer of the Year Awards (BEYA) STEM Global Competitiveness Conference Feb. 16-18 in Philadelphia.
01/2012    - Raytheon and the New England Patriots Gear Up for the 'Super Bowl' of Science Fairs The march to the  2012 'Science of Sports' Science Fair in May began Saturday, Jan. 28 at Gillette Stadium as 100 local Boys and Girls Club participants - joined by 70 Raytheon volunteers - assembled in their teams for the first time.
01/2012    - New Orleans Students Discover How Math and Science Make Fantasy a Reality at WeatherFest Raytheon sponsored a MathMovesU® booth that featured Reed Timmer, star of Discovery Channel's Storm Chasers; the company joined more than 60 other exhibitors.
01/2012    - Recognizing a Culture of Ethical Leadership The company's commitment to ethics education was recently recognized by the Ethics Resource Center's presentation of the inaugural Carol R. Marshall Award.
01/2012    - MathAlive! Powered by Raytheon to Debut at Smithsonian A new immersive experience from Raytheon uses hands-on activities to reveal how math and science make our everyday lives more fun and exciting.
01/2012    - AWIPS Team Recognized for NASA Space Shuttle Program Support The AWIPS NCF team was presented with a specially designed certificate as a token of appreciation for their 'first-line defense' support on several space shuttle missions, including Discovery and Endeavor.
01/2012    - Raytheon Moves Up the List of Top 50 Employers in 'CAREERS & the disABLED Magazine' Readers of the magazine vote annually on the nation's top companies - evaluating them as places they would want to work and as companies they believe to be progressive in hiring people with disabilities.