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Last updated: 09/18/2012*

Raytheon’s BattleGuard is an under armor remotely operated weapons station designed for tracked and wheeled combat vehicles. The system combines electro-optical, infrared and visible-light sensors that can be driven together with a weapon or used independently.

With the BattleGuard concept, operators can align their weapons in three different modes: stored, ready and active gun-following.

BattleGuard provides 360 degrees of "under armor" unobstructed coverage. It features a high-performance, second- or third-generation forward-looking infrared (FLIR) sensor.
Its threat detection system allows operators to classify and track stationary and moving targets from well beyond the range of enemy weapons.

The system supports a number of machine and chain guns, including the M249, M240, M2, MK-19, MK-47, M134 and the M230LF. It also supports hard- or soft-launch missiles such as the Griffin, Javelin, Stinger and TOW, as well as non-lethal weapons.


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