Last Updated: 09/14/2012*

A new mobile app turns computers, tablets and smartphones into "virtual radios," allowing emergency dispatchers to quickly mobilize help and extend their reach beyond radio networks.

Mobile App - click image to enlargeThe mobile app complements traditional communications through the Land Mobile Radio public safety network. First responders can use conventional radios within the network and, when out of the coverage area, turn to the mobile app on the device of their choice.

“These devices essentially become ’virtual radios‘ with the new application and greatly reduce communications gaps for first responders,” said TJ Kennedy, director of Public Safety and Security for Raytheon’s Network Centric Systems. “It also allows personnel to reach back to their home network from anywhere in the world that they have PC, tablet or smartphone access.”

The mobile app also allows the user to establish direct voice communications with architects, building engineers or other experts who can provide valuable real-time collaboration. Those experts can be patched in without having to access the public safety radio network.

The app also permits first responders to hold less-urgent conversations over a data network, reducing non-essential radio traffic.

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