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A European Union: Expanding Partnership with Poland

Poland Meets Patriot

It makes airport radars in Britain, electronics in Spain and ships’ compasses in Germany.

In March, Raytheon expanded its European footprint by convening dozens of suppliers from across Poland in Warsaw to discuss how they can help build Patriot, the world’s most advanced air and missile defense system.

For decades, the company has partnered with Europe to develop technologies and provide innovative products around the world.

“Raytheon has a proven track record in working with its international partners to strengthen our defense systems expertise,” said Dan Crowley, President of Raytheon’s Integrated Defense Systems. “We seek to establish similarly successful long-term relationships in Poland.”

Modernized Patriot: Faster, Smaller, Smarter, Better

The Polish Ministry of National Defense selected Raytheon to participate in the second phase of the country’s technical dialogue – a discussion on ways to enhance Poland’s medium-range air and missile defense capability known as WISLA.

Conference attendees explored partnerships ranging from design to development of the legendary Patriot air and missile defense system, and shared capabilities that could fortify the local economies. More than 100 defense industry suppliers and government officials attended the event.

“There are many Polish companies which demonstrate the capabilities and high quality standards to meet our business requirements,” said Mike Shaughnessy, vice president of integrated supply chain for Raytheon Integrated Defense Systems. “We look forward to sharing our capabilities and opportunities for technology cooperation during the conference, and in the coming months.”

With more than 3,000 employees and 500 suppliers across Europe, Raytheon’s rich history with international partners offers powerful examples of transatlantic cooperation.

Published: 03/14/2014

Last Updated: 05/18/2015

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