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Raytheon's Director of Insider Threat Strategies Invited to Present at SOURCE Boston 2014

Cyber60: Insider Threat

Michael Crouse, Director of Insider Threat Strategies has been selected to address the topic of managing and monitoring privileged users within an organization at the upcoming SOURCE Boston Conference taking place April 8-10 at the Marriott Tremont in Boston, MA. SOURCE Boston is designed for computer security experts, senior executives (e.g. CIOs, CTOs, CSOs), advanced security professionals, faculty and students, members of management and business communities who are looking to connect with other security and technology experts.


At the core of the privileged user problem is this dichotomy: With greater access to a company’s computer assets comes greater security risk. The privileged user can be a company’s security enforcer but also its greatest security risk.Put another way, if a privileged user wants to do bad things, their elevated access to the company network – and all the information that entails -- makes it easier for them. Further, because of the access they maintain to their organization’s most confidential information, they become high value targets to corporate “hacktivists” and persistent adversaries that are eager to penetrate a company’s defenses.The privileged user risk is often swept under the rug because of the perceived complexity of securing it or because organizations don't want to admit they have a risk. Michael will not only shed light on this risk, but he will offer a unique perspective having spent more than a decade securing some of the Nation’s most sensitive networks.


Wednesday, April 9 at 4pm. See complete agenda here.


Michael Crouse, Director of Insider Threat Strategies, Raytheon


Marriott Tremont in Boston, MA

Click here to obtain Raytheon’s whitepaper titled “Privileged Users: Superman or Superthreat? A Privileged User Risk Whitepaper

Published: 04/02/2014

Last Updated: 05/28/2015

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