iPad donation gives Malaysian students greater access to educational materials

Students across Malaysia now have greater access to science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) educational materials through a recent donation of Apple iPads to eight Malaysian public libraries. In an effort to inspire students and spark an interest in STEM education globally, Raytheon donated the iPads during a ceremony at the Kuala Lumpur library.

Raytheon donated the iPads to establish an important community partnership, designed to enhance information literacy outreach at Malaysian libraries. The devices come equipped with STEM applications in support of the Malaysian government’s call to strengthen STEM education. Students visiting the libraries across the country can use the iPads to discover, explore and interact with STEM concepts and materials.

Raytheon_President_of_ Asia_Bill_Blair

Raytheon President of Asia, Bill Blair, delivers remarks at the Kuala Lumpur library

Paul W. Jones, U.S. ambassador to Malaysia; Bill Blair, president of Raytheon Asia; and Datuk Seri Ahmad Phesal Talib, mayor of Kuala Lumpur, participated in the event, which further strengthened the long standing partnership – spanning more than 25 years -- between Raytheon and Malaysia.

Paul_Jones_ U.S._Ambassador_Malaysia

Paul W. Jones, U.S. Ambassador to Malaysia; Bill Blair, President of Raytheon Asia; and Datuk Seri Ahmad Phesal Talib, Mayor of Kuala Lumpur watch an iPas demonstration with Malaysian school children.

“U.S. companies have been active in community service and social projects across Malaysia,” said Jones. “I am delighted that Raytheon is responding to Malaysia’s national initiatives by enhancing technological services in Malaysian public libraries and contributing to education and information literacy across the country.”

The eight Malaysian public libraries are host to nine Lincoln Corners, which are special collections of information about the United States created to promote mutual understanding and stronger ties between the two countries.


Malaysian school children explore the STEM apps on the iPads that were donated by Raytheon

“As a technology company and industry leader, Raytheon is committed to promoting investment in education that maximizes the pipeline of STEM-capable students and workers,” said Blair. “We understand that in order to inspire students, we need to engage them when they are young, support them during critical middle school years and continue to build on that support throughout their academic lives.”


Raytheon donates iPads to Malaysian Libraries

Raytheon donates iPads to Malaysian Libraries:

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