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Raytheon in 2013

Below are some of our favorite feature articles from 2013.

From honors at the White House to record-setting missile flights, diamond laboratories to virtual reality chambers, 2013 was a year of inspiring achievements and dazzling technology here at Raytheon. Below are some of our favorite feature articles from 2013. Click here for more.

Raytheon Named Among Most Community-Minded Companies

Raytheon’s community efforts, from mentoring students in Australia to sponsoring a museum exhibit in Abu Dhabi, won it a place on the Civic 50 list of community-minded companies.

President Obama Honors Raytheon BBN For Legacy of Invention

They started out in acoustic design, ensuring diplomats could be heard at the United Nations. But soon their innovations would extend into dozens of other fields. This year Raytheon BBN’s achievements in computing and other sciences echoed in the White House.

Stopping Time: Meet the Patriot Missile’s Photographer

Scorpions and snakes, blazing sun and freezing desert nights. Photographer Dan Plumpton braves them all for the fire, smoke and thunder of a Patriot missile launch.

Education of a Hacker: One Woman's Journey From Clerical Worker to Cyber Warrior

Her hands smeared with typewriter ink, Jen Havermann remembers thinking, “Well, at least I’m learning to type.” It was the unlikely start to a career that would eventually turn Havermann into a cyber warrior.

Raytheon Launches MathAlive! Middle East

Raytheon's MathAlive! science exhibit made its Middle East debut with whirling displays, pounding drums and computerized snowboards.

A Fighter Pilot's Weapon Gives Sailors Super Reach

From the era of Old Ironsides to today, no U.S. warship has ever been able to use its own weapons to accurately strike back at an attacker over the horizon. Now those days are over.

Virtual Reality System Lets Students Explore 3-D Worlds

A virtual reality system is allowing schoolchildren to dive into virtual worlds that they create themselves.

Inside the Diamond Mine

Sheets of laboratory-grown diamond could someday become the core of future-generation radar, communications and electronic warfare systems.

From "Bumblebee" to Defender of Continents: Standard Missile Family Marks 60th Anniversary

The military called it Operation Bumblebee: a secret weapons program that eventually would become the cornerstone of the U.S. missile defense system.

From Black-and-White to High-Def: A Space Imagery Retrospective

A look back at humanity's eyes in the sky, from the first weather satellites to the stunning technology in the VIIRS satellite sensor.

Fifty Years of Owning the Night: The History of Infrared Imaging

This "little experiment" in night vision ended up changing warfare forever.

New Tech Gives Troops "X-Ray Vision" to See Buried Bombs

A new sensor system aims to stop the No. 1 threat to deployed troops.

2013 Raytheon MATHCOUNTS® National Champion Crowned

An eighth-grader clinched the 2013 Raytheon MATHCOUNTS championship after an intense final round of competition.

Raytheon Quarterbacks Veterans 'Salute to Service' at Patriots-Broncos Game

As biting winds whipped through Gillette Stadium, warmth, inspiration and gratitude filled Raytheon's annual "Salute to Service" event.

U.S. Army Takes Control of Airships During Final "Test Drive"

Soldiers tracked targets in the desert, practiced battening down the hatches for storms and reviewed every switch, button and computer system in this "test drive" of Raytheon's system of radar airships.

U.S. Missile Defense Systems Go International

A deafening roar broke the quiet of a sunny afternoon as a missile interceptor streaked into the sky. But this test wasn't just a milestone for the United States.

Revolutionary Radars Keep Raytheon Assembly Line Humming

In a Mississippi factory, Raytheon is turning out hundreds of radars that use a revolutionary new type of technology.

Art of the Upgrade

On a sun-splashed airfield, two mechanics demonstrate how to turn an older jet into a cutting-edge fighter again.

Welcome to the Super-Crunch: Raytheon Sponsors Winning Students at Supercomputing Competition

Raytheon helps students crunch their way to victory in the Super Bowl of supercomputing.

New, Larger Standard Missile-3 Moves From Design to Testing

The new Block IIA is the centerpiece of a European missile defense system.

Dots in the Sky: Thousands Travel to Air Show Guided by 'Invisible' Technology

How Raytheon technology made the Middle East's premier airshow possible.

Making the Bullet Louder: New "3-D Audio" Gives Pilots a Multisensory Heads-Up

It's the bottom of the ninth, the batter hits a foul ball into the crowd and someone yells, "Look out!" But what if the ball itself made a warning noise? That's the concept behind a new audio system for pilots.

Tiny Satellites To Give Warfighters a Bird's-Eye View of the Battlefield

Small, "disposable" satellites launched from fighter jets could soon give soldiers an unprecedented view of the battlefield.

Published: 10/22/2014

Last Updated: 10/23/2014

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