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Maverick is a versatile air launched, precision-guided missile that is effective against a wide variety of fixed, stationary, moving and maneuvering targets both on land and sea. - Courtesy of U.S. Navy

As India continues to emerge as both a regional and global player, modernization of the Air Force and other armed services is a major focus. 

Building on the already strong foundation that exists with the Air Force, Raytheon’s goal is to deepen what is already a successful partnership and provide critical technologies and solutions in support of the Air Force mission to ensure India is well equipped as the security environment evolves and changes.

“We see that there is a great deal of opportunity for Raytheon to provide the IAF with state-of-the-art technology from advanced weapon systems, to intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance solutions as well as air defence capabilities,” said Bill Blair, Raytheon’s president in India.

Raytheon has developed strong and trusted relationships with Indian industry and has been engaged here for more than 60 years. The company has tie ups and arrangements with a variety of Indian entities – from DPSUs to private companies, and continues to build alliances.

Relationships include DRDO, BEL, and HAL as well as private sector companies such as TATA, Larsen &Toubro, Precision Electronics, among others. The company is looking to expand the relationship with the Air Force but also in support of the other armed services as well as in commercial air traffic management and homeland security areas.

“Marking 80 years of India air power is a significant but not surprising achievement for a nation that has consistently demonstrated its ability to take a measured and mature approach to international leadership,” Blair added.

As India and the Air Force move toward preparing to face an ever more complex security environment, Raytheon’s commitment to bringing the best technology to India remains a key focus.


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