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InformationWeek Showcases Raytheon Technology

InformwationWeek Likes Cave Automatic Virtual Environment

No bats darting in search of their next prey—only 3-D technologies encircle the walls of Raytheon’s CAVE, an integrated approach to rapid missile design. 

The CAVE (or Cave Automatic Virtual Environment), scored Raytheon a No. 4 spot in InformationWeek’s Elite 100, an annual ranking of business technology innovators that employ winning digital strategies.

“Raytheon leverages the latest technology to provide the best possible solutions for our customers,” said John Patterson, Public Relations manager at Raytheon Missile Systems.

Raytheon engineers employ the CAVE’s immersive virtual reality technologies to collaborate with one another and with partners and suppliers on missile designs.

Last year, the CAVE was featured on the CBS Evening News. It highlighted how Raytheon is bringing virtual reality learning into local schools through its MathMovesU® education initiative. 

Published: 04/08/2014

Last Updated: 12/18/2015

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