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Raytheon at Paris Air Show 2013: Media Coverage

U.S. wins gold in International Rocketry Challenge

CBS News: U.S. Wins Gold in International Rocketry Challenge

Three students from a Georgetown, Texas rocketry club took home the gold medal from the sixth annual International Rocketry Challenge at Le Bourget Airport in Paris. The event is part of the Paris Air Show. The U.S. team was sponsored by Raytheon, which is an aerospace and defense contractor. Read more»

USA TODAY: U.S. Kids Win International Rocket Prize

Popular Science Reports on the Need for Joint Tactical Air Controller SystemThe Georgetown, Texas, team of Mark and Matthew Janecka and teammate Daniel Kelton won the international rocketry competition on Friday, June 21, winning both a rocket flight and presentation part of the competition, and received congratulations from French President François Hollande. The winning team was sponsored by rocket builder Raytheon, based in Waltham, Mass. Read more »

Popular Science Reports on the Need for Joint Tactical Air Controller System

Popular Science Reports on the Need for Joint Tactical Air Controller SystemWhen troops on the ground call in air support, the process is still very manual and tedious. Despite technology advancements, this type of request still requires writing target coordinates down and reading them out loud to support teams. Raytheon's new system automatically maps targets, shares information and saves valuable seconds to help reduce errors on the battlefield. Read more »

Reuters TV: Interactive Head Tracker for Soldiers Unveiled

Joint Tactical Air Controller System

Reuters reports: A prototype helmet system allowing fighter pilots and soldiers on the battlefield real-time situational awareness was unveiled at last week's Paris Air Show by U.S. defense manufacturer Raytheon. The technology is designed to help prevent friendly-fire incidents where pilots inadvertently attack their allies.Read more »

Raytheon's Google Glass for the Battlefield

Raytheon's Google Glass for the BattlefieldBloomberg TV stopped by Raytheon's exhibit at the Paris Air Show to get a demonstration of the Joint Tactical Air Controller system. The video demonstrates how warfighters can use the technology to scout and identify targets on the battlefield. The system streamlines information sharing between soldiers, with its monocle displaying overlaid information about the current environment. Read more »

BBC Tests Out Raytheon's 'Battle Kit of the Future'

BBC Tests Out Raytheon's 'Battle Kit of the Future'The BBC's Theo Leggett stopped by Raytheon's display at the Paris Air Show and conducted a live demo of the new Joint Tactical Air Controller system. The video segment, including instruction from Raytheon technical director Todd Lovell, details how the system could provide high-tech situational awareness for the ground soldier of the future. Read more »

Reuters Reports on Rising Foreign Demand From U.S. Defense Companies

Raytheon Chairman and CEO William H. SwansonRaytheon Chairman and CEO William H. Swanson spoke with Reuters about the value of the Paris Air Show and the importance of international business. The company expects international sales to amount to 30 percent of its revenues in coming years, up from 26 percent in 2012. Raytheon hopes to conclude negotiations soon on billions of dollars worth of foreign contracts for missile defense systems and other capabilities. Read more »

Bloomberg Discusses International Growth With Raytheon's Chief Financial Officer

Republic of Korea Air Force KF-16. This image used with permission from the Republic of Korea Air Force.Raytheon's international business strengths and opportunities are highlighted in a Bloomberg interview with Dave Wajsgras, Raytheon senior vice president and Chief Financial Officer. With foreign program revenue of 26 percent in 2012, Raytheon has seen significant export growths in recent years. The article discusses recent wins and contract decisions on the horizon. Read more »

CNBC Video Report: Raytheon Discusses International Defense Market, Opportunities

The combat-proven Patriot is the world's most advanced air and missile defense system.CNBC reporter Phil LeBeau visits Raytheon at the Paris Air Show to discuss the importance of the show for the defense industry. He interviews Thomas Culligan, Raytheon senior vice president of Business Development and CEO of Raytheon International Inc., to discuss the company's focus on the international market and opportunities for growth. Read more »

Engadget Demos Raytheon's New Warfighter Situational Awareness System

Joint Tactical Air Controller SystemRaytheon's interactive displays are garnering a lot of attention at the Paris Air Show. Engadget's Steve Dent recounts his experience with the Joint Tactical Air Controller (JTAC) system prototype and gets a live video demonstration of the system from John Harris, Raytheon vice president and general manager of Intelligence, Information and Services. Read more »

Published: 10/30/2014

Last Updated: 03/02/2015

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