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Bits and Bytes on the Battlefield

Raytheon helps the U.S. Army prevail in the ever-more-digital battlefield

Raytheon expertise helps the U.S. Army harness the flood of data from new battlefield technologies.

The new battle frontier is digital.

Harnessing the flood of data that feeds critical decisions is increasingly complex as technologies evolve. To have the right battle plan for each situation, Raytheon is helping the U.S. Army modernize its systems and platforms. The goal: to maintain superiority and overwhelm any adversary's digital capabilities.

“Bits and bytes have become just as important as bullets or bombs,” said Todd Probert, vice president for Mission Support and Modernization at Raytheon’s Intelligence, Information and Services business. “We have infused analytics, automation and cyber technologies together to defeat the threats of the digitized battlefield.”

Cyber mission resiliency

Raytheon demonstrates capabilities to thwart cyberattacks against connected platforms at AUSA.

Raytheon engineers can find weaknesses in embedded systems or networks. The company’s team then characterizes, prioritizes and mitigates vulnerabilities, fixing flaws and mitigating whole classes of vulnerabilities.

Automated Battle Tracking

Raytheon’s new Automated Battle Tracking technology provides a digitized intelligence picture of the battlefield faster than ever before. Such techniques as 3-D terrain analysis, determining probable avenues of approach of enemy forces and predicting force-on-force outcomes gives soldiers an unprecedented level of situational awareness.

Digital interoperability

Raytheon technology improves situational awareness on U.S. Army aircraft. U.S. Army photo.

The digitized battlefield means U.S. Army pilots get more information than ever before – thermal images, friendly forces tracking and the latest battlefield intelligence. Raytheon integrates ISR feeds, avionics, helmet-mounted displays and even solider-worn computers for a common operating picture. And it comes with Raytheon’s proven record of tailoring, affordability and on-time delivery.  


Soldiers in a training exercise use a virtual environment to prepare for real missions. U.S. Army photo.

Raytheon has deep experience in training support, honed through the two longest wars in American history. In anticipation of the sophisticated approaches needed to prevail in future conflicts, Raytheon is deepening the training it offers soldiers in the digital domain.

Watch our video online to learn more about making sure the Army is ready to respond to the nation's call. 

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Published: 09/28/2016

Last Updated: 12/01/2016

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