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Toward a Secure Future

Raytheon, Security Experts Brainstorm in Aspen

David Sanger of The New York Times and former US Deputy Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter lead a discussion at the 2013 Aspen Security Forum.

More than 300 security professionals will share intelligence, analysis and ideas for the protection of the United States at the fifth annual Aspen Security Forum, being held July 23-26 at the Aspen Institute in Colorado.

The gathering of government officials, defense industry leaders, and journalists occurs against a backdrop of difficult security problems worldwide, from the ongoing crisis in Ukraine to maritime territorial disputes in the South China Sea.

Each summer, the Security Forum brings together a group of leading thinkers from some of the country’s top institutions to exchange ideas about threats to the U.S. and how best to counteract them. Attendees discuss counterterrorism, homeland security and other urgent issues facing the nation.

In this spirit, General Martin Dempsey, U.S. Department of Defense Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, will address the military's role in countering global security threats.

Other panels will focus on America’s outlook on the changing Middle East leadership, the relationship between law enforcement and national security, and the U.S. Navy's defense strategy, among other timely matters.

Not only is Raytheon a sponsor of this significant gathering, but several of the company’s most knowledgeable professionals will attend. Lynn Dugle, president of Raytheon Intelligence and Information Services, will share her expertise for a panel discussion on the future of warfare.

Raytheon representatives will also use this meeting to deepen their understanding of a number of pressing national security issues, from intergovernmental cooperation to thwarting cyber attacks.

Company leaders will also pay close attention to the ways in which America’s allies approach national security, especially European Union nations and fellow members of NATO.

More important than any single discussion topic, the forum will serve as an invaluable platform for thought leaders and decision makers to speak freely, consider new perspectives, and advance the national security conversation. In doing so, they'll ensure that the immense project of protecting our nation benefits from the diverse opinions and wide-ranging knowledge that such an undertaking demands.

Published: 07/21/2014

Last Updated: 12/18/2015

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