From the depths of the ocean to the farthest reaches of space, from remote battlefields to the virtual realms of cyberspace, Raytheon technologies are deployed in more than 80 countries to deliver innovation in all domains.

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For more than 60 years, Raytheon has developed proven, integrated air and missile defense solutions that span the entire missile defense spectrum and are trusted by more than 20 nations to protect homelands, warfighters, allies, partners and critical assets.

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Raytheon Missile Defense Firsts


First successful missile intercept in combat, as Patriot strikes Iraqi SCUD missiles


Operation Burnt Frost: SM-3 successfully intercepts errant satellite


First new-production Patriot debuts in successful flight test

How small can big ideas get?

A U.S. dime dwarfs components for the Patriot’s radar system… making the modernized Patriot lighter, faster, more innovative and cost-effective than ever.

Raytheon Missile Defense Firsts

In the face of the most dangerous and evolving advanced persistent threats, Raytheon cyber solutions deliver. We help protect, integrate and optimize complex, mission-critical government and commercial systems — turning technology challenges into cyber success.

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Raytheon CYBER Firsts


First operational packet switching network, a precursor to the Internet


First email system, running on ARPANET


First warfighter mission software app for iPhone

Cybersecurity for a growing cyberspace.

The world’s data is growing exponentially… demanding cyber solutions that do more than keep pace, but anticipate the challenges of tomorrow. Whether it’s protecting against the most advanced persistent threats or securing data transfer at revolutionary speed, Raytheon cyber solutions deliver.


World generated 130 billion bytes of data


2.8 trillion gigabytes of data


Over 40 trillion gigabytes of data


Raytheon's Active Electronically Scanned Array (AESA) radars bring superior performance to a wide range of fighter jets, regardless of size, space, weight or radome requirements. It's another way we're helping today's platforms achieve cost-effective, next-generation performance.

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Raytheon ISR Firsts


First naval surface search radar


First dual-frequency, hull-mounted sonar for U.S. Navy surface fleet


Raytheon technology enables highest-resolution composite image of Earth ever taken from space

SeeMe for the Future of ISR.

Now in development, Raytheon's tiny, quickly launched SeeMe satellites give soldiers a near instantaneous, bird's eye view of the battlefield at a fraction of the cost of other sensors.


From airborne and shipboard jammers and electronic attack and support programs -- and from soldier-carried applications to battle-management solutions -- Raytheon innovation delivers untold mission advantages at the speed of light.

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Raytheon electronic warfare Firsts


First working laser


U.S. Army declares Raytheon counter-IED technology “greatest innovation”


MALD-J: World’s first air-launched decoy system with electronic jamming capabilities

The Next Generation is Made.

Raytheon is growing diamonds in the lab and combining them with the semiconductor gallium nitride to form the core of future-generation electronic warfare systems... creating components that can save huge amounts of electricity, space and fuel.

Electric Warfare

The volume of the world’s air traffic continues to increase. Meeting this challenge requires solutions from a proven leader that is already trusted to manage two-thirds of the world’s airspace.

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Raytheon c4I Firsts


First geosynchronous communications satellite


Awarded U.S. Navy’s Multiband Terminal contract


Billion-dollar modernization program for GPS satellite

Look up. We’re there.

Raytheon technology helps manage two-thirds of the world’s airspace, enabling safer, more efficient air travel by modernizing, integrating and supporting today’s air traffic systems.

c4l firsts

Training today has been completely transformed. We know, because we’re the ones transforming it — with live, virtual and constructive training and the most engaging technologies, that are tailored to each and every engagement.

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Raytheon training Firsts


CTR Program begins to reduce global Weapons of Mass Destruction — a program supported by Raytheon almost since inception


Implementation of Warfighter FOCUS, world’s largest training engagement


Awarded ATCOTS training program by FAA to support air traffic controllers

This is what innovation sounds like.

Raytheon 3D audio technology brings more sensory experiences into the cockpit, allowing pilots to train (and fly) better than ever. Listen to the sound of 3D audio for yourself.
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From thrill rides powered by mathematics to museum exhibits that make math and science come alive, Raytheon is showing young students how to engineer an amazing future. After all, anything’s possible when MathMovesU.

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From the depths of the ocean to the reaches of space, Raytheon is there. Saving lives. Pushing the envelope. Making the impossible possible. It all starts with a diverse team of exceptional thinkers. Join us. Because here, nothing, not even the sky, is the limit.

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