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Hashtags4Heroes: Using Social Media’s Vast Reach to Thank our Troops

Raytheon's Hashtags4Heroes takes to social media to thank our veterans as well as the brave men and women who continue to serve in harm's way. Using the power of social media, Raytheon encourages you to send our veterans your support and gratitude for a job well done.

We thank them for their service, honor their commitment and salute their patriotism, one social post at a time.

We celebrate those who have defended our freedom at home and around the world. We ask Americans everywhere to join us.

Here's how you can get involved: Use the #HT4H hashtag in thank you posts on any social media channel, so that we can track and capture them.

Our "Hashtags4Heroes" initiative kicked off May 2012, during Military Appreciation Month in a bid to raise awareness about wounded warriors -- and has been highlighted each May and November since then.

Please personalize your tweet with links to photos, children's artwork, videos and anything else you want to share to show the troops and our veterans how much you care.