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Diversity Vision

Raytheon’s vision is to build an inclusive culture that fully engages all employees and stakeholders to deliver superior business performance ...

... where

  • the company retains, attracts and develops world-class people
  • people are treated with dignity and respect
  • difference is valued as a company core competency
  • employees have the opportunity to reach their full potential and make their maximum contribution
  • we enjoy world-class partnerships with our customers, suppliers, partners and other stakeholders

The Importance of an Inclusive Culture

Raytheon has facilities, businesses and customers in nearly every corner of the globe. Day in and day out, members of our team interact with people from an extremely diverse range of backgrounds. Thus, diversity of talent and thought is the cornerstone of our ability to provide solutions to the global market. If we are to achieve and sustain success, our organization must reflect the world we live in.

In recent years, Raytheon has made noteworthy strides in this area. We continue to strive to build a culture around recognizing, respecting and leveraging individual and cultural differences. Yet, as the global environment rapidly changes and becomes even more competitive, the next steps in our companywide journey to inclusiveness will be critical.

Elements of an Inclusive Culture

  • Diverse and productive workforce
  • More equitable and accessible work environment
  • Inclusive environment where all employees are valued
  • Workforce in an environment free from discrimination