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Diversity Leadership

Executive Diversity Leadership Team

The Executive Diversity Leadership Team is composed of senior leaders that report directly to the CEO. They sponsor, review and approve diversity initiatives, thus driving diversity throughout Raytheon. Click here to view the Employee Resource Groups (ERG) Global Presidents.

Hayward Bell

Today diversity and inclusion are more than just a competitive advantage. They are a competitive imperative. That makes the issue of inclusion one that ultimately falls on leadership. And I couldn't be more proud to be part of an organization that embraces differences as a core value.

- Hayward Bell, chief diversity officer and member of the Executive Diversity Leadership Team

Global Diversity Office

The mission of the Global Diversity Office is to provide the company with strategic direction for diversity and inclusion initiatives across the company. It is led by the chief diversity officer and assisted by the Corporate Diversity program manager. They are instrumental in:

  • Providing leadership to senior diversity councils so that they can promote and develop functional expertise and core competence for diversity
  • Providing subject matter expertise in managing internal and external conferences
  • Representing the company on diversity-related matters with customers, suppliers and other stakeholders
  • Partnering with external organizations to leverage best practices in diversity
  • Raytheon Diversity Council

Raytheon Diversity Council

The Raytheon Diversity Council (RDC) develops and recommends diversity action plans. As subject matter experts and functional partners, they drive the diversity work and develop diversity strategy in collaboration with the senior leaders who are accountable for leadership and direction.

The RDC, chaired by the chief diversity officer, is composed of diversity directors/managers and diversity representatives from each of Raytheon’s businesses. This council provides diversity leadership for the businesses and forms a core of functional expertise for the company. In addition to managing Raytheon’s sponsorship and participation at diversity conferences and career fairs, the team regularly collaborates with the Executive Diversity Leadership Team (EDLT) on diversity strategy, programs and projects across the enterprise. The RDC works with corporate-level and business-level councils to cascade diversity initiatives and progress throughout the company. A major initiative is diversity education and learning, as well as collaborating on companywide diversity metrics. An important function that the RDC serves is as liaison to the Employee Resource Groups to facilitate community outreach and employee advocacy.

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