Below is an overview of some of the many ways that Raytheon seeks, embraces and promotes diversity inside and outside the company.

Talent Retention and Acquisition
Diversity is a key component of Raytheon's talent retention and acquisition strategy. We use a variety of educational programs to inform employees about why diversity matters for our company culture and business — and how to achieve it. The company also supports partnerships like the Tuskegee Pipeline Initiative and National Defense University Partnering Strategy.
Rdiversity Summit: Accelerating Our Journey to an Inclusive Culture
This annual company event is designed to illustrate the power of an inclusive culture, enhance internal support for diversity and help participants become agents of change.
Employee Resource Groups
Raytheon embraces numerous Employee Resource Groups (ERGs). ERGs offer a forum where people can build networks and share dialogue. In addition to helping individuals meet their personal goals, the groups work to help the company achieve its business objectives.
The key to inclusiveness is open communication. The company launched an extensive advertising campaign in 2007 to inform business partners, employees, potential job candidates and the media about Raytheon's commitment to diversity.
Community Involvement
At Raytheon we're committed to creating dramatic and lasting change through volunteerism and strategic charitable giving. Raytheon's corporate giving focuses on Math and Science education, support of active duty military personnel and disaster relief.
The importance of diversity at Raytheon is also seen through its MathMovesU program which helps engage middle school students in math by connecting it to cool careers.