A Trading Partner Agreement (TPA) is a formal legal document validating the legality of the business transactions which will be electronically processed. The agreement must be signed and the original document must be returned to the e-STAR group, who will keep the TPA on file. This TPA is a blanket legal agreement governing electronic business with all areas of Raytheon.

The rule of thumb is that the trading partner in the business relationship signs the customer's TPA. Sometimes, the legal terms of the agreement are altered to be more mutually agreeable to both parties.

Note that the TPA applies only to governing the electronic process of moving documents from trading partner to trading partner. It does not in any way alter or affect any other business agreements that might be in effect, such as a Corporate-Wide Purchase agreement, between Raytheon and the trading partner.

Two forms of Trading Partner Agreement documents are available. The scope of the EDI Trading Partner Agreement is limited to electronic exchanges performed via Electronic Data Interchange (EDI). The Global Trading Partner Agreement published by the Aerospace Industries Association covers a broader scope of electronic exchanges.

Both documents are linked above. Select the appropriate Trading Partner Agreement document for your situation.

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