You can start an electronic commerce relationship with Raytheon in several different ways:

  • Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)
    EDI is a method of implementing application-to-application transfer of business documents between computers. Both companies involved in the exchange must have a translator to convert their application format to the EDI standard format (and vice versa), and a "mailbox" for sending and receiving the data.
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  • Point-to-point
    Point-to-point is a method of exchanging data directly from trading partner to trading partner. One way of implementing point-to-point is the use of FTP or SFTP. The file contents are generally in the proprietary format of the sender. The receiver will log into a secured website, pick up the file, and import the data into its business applications. This method is useful for one-way-only transactions.
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  • eXtensible Markup Language (XML)
    XML is a method for business data transfer. Business documents are internally labeled, with each piece of information identified by a human readable name. Using a simple formatting language, these XML documents can be translated into a variety of formats to match the need of the business application.
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  • Exostar™ is the online trading exchange that’s revolutionizing commerce in the aerospace and defense industry. Exostar’s Internet-based tools dramatically simplify and standardize the procurement process, streamlining the supply chain from end to end. The bottom line? Reduced costs. Productivity gains. Shared access.
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  • Transcepta™ is a third party e-invoicing provider of effective, easy to deploy technology which transmits electronic invoice data from suppliers' invoice systems to buyers' AP systems. Transcepta delivers a solution that removes the suppliers' existing billing systems, requiring no format changes or IT resources and launching rapidly, typically going live in less than one day.

If none of these methods sound like the right fit, contact a Raytheon Enterprise Solutions Integration Services Team member to discuss other options.

Exostar is a trademark of Exostar LLC.

Transcepta is a trademark of Transcepta LLC

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