Translation Software
Each Raytheon Company trading partner may select the EDI translation software package which best meets its own particular needs. The trading partners are responsible for any expenses which they may incur (for hardware, software, services of a VAN or VAS, etc.) to become and/or to remain EDI enabled (able to transact business via EDI) with Raytheon and/or other members of the trading partner's own supply chain.

Some EDI software packages for the personal computer use trading-partner-specific kits or templates which translate EDI documents for that trading partner without any additional users effort. New trading-partner-specific kits have been written by some of the major EDI vendors for use with the standards now in use in the Raytheon Centralized Operations Center. Any trading partner wishing to purchase a kit should contact the manufacturer of their personal computer EDI software for availability and pricing.

Sterling Commerce:
As noted, selection of an EDI software product is left to the discretion of each individual trading partner. However, our trading partners may wish to know that the Raytheon VAN provider, Sterling Commerce, will offer preferred pricing for their EDI translation software and services to any Raytheon trading partner who becomes a new Sterling Commerce customer. Sterling Commerce provides information on their available translation software and services online.

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