Each Raytheon Company trading partner may select the Value Added Network (VAN) and/or Value Added Service (VAS) which best meets its own particular needs. Trading partners are each responsible for any expenses which they may incur (for hardware, software, services of a VAN or VAS, etc.) to become and/or to remain EDI enabled (able to transact business via EDI) with Raytheon and/or other members of the trading partner's own supply chain.

VAN Information:
Raytheon Company's sole VAN service is Sterling Commerce's Sterling Information Broker™. All EDI data processed by Raytheon's electronic commerce operations center in Dallas, Texas, will be routed through Raytheon mailboxes on the Sterling Information Broker VAN. 

Raytheon Company incurs the cost of EDI data transmissions directly to and from its own mailboxes on Sterling Information Broker as well as the cost of forwarding EDI data outside of Sterling Information Broker to a trading partner who uses a different VAN (i.e., interconnect charges). Our trading partners are responsible for their own costs involved in sending and receiving EDI data through their chosen VAN and/or VAS. Such costs would include any fees for:

  • interconnects required to send EDI data to Raytheon Company when using a VAN/VAS provider other than Sterling Commerce,
  • data translation to deliver version 4010 data to Raytheon when another version is sent by the trading partner (or to receive another version while Raytheon sends 4010),
  • delivery via fax of EDI documents sent by Raytheon,
  • and other miscellaneous services of the VAN or VAS

in addition to any basic EDI transmission, communication session, subscription and/or mailbox costs or the like.

Preferential pricing for Sterling Commerce's VAN services is available for Raytheon trading partners who become new Sterling Commerce customers. Trading partners may wish to explore the benefits of converting their Raytheon EDI traffic to Sterling Information Broker by visting Sterling Commerce online.

If a VAN provider other than Sterling Commerce is used by an Raytheon trading partner, that VAN must be able to interconnect with Sterling Information Broker.

Communication Setup Information:
VANs recognize IDs on their network. If an interconnect to another VAN is required, both Sterling Commerce and the other VAN must be contacted to complete the setup.

For testing purposes only:

  • ISA Qualifer = 14
  • ISA Sender/Receiver ID = 001339159-TEST
  • ISA test indicator should be 'T' during the testing phase
  • The GS ID will vary for each internal Raytheon application system

For production purposes:

  • ISA Qualifer = 14
  • ISA Sender/Receiver ID = 001339159-?????
  • The ISA ID will vary for each internal Raytheon application type
  • The GS ID will vary for each internal Raytheon application system

General Disclaimer:
Raytheon may change the programs or products mentioned at any time without notice. Mention of non-Raytheon products or services is for information purposes only and constitutes neither an endorsement nor a recommendation.

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