Electronic commerce has been conducted by Raytheon Company for a number of years. The one common method that is used is Electronic Data Interchange (EDI). Other methods, such as file transfer protocol (FTP) or secure file transfer protocol (SFTP), are also used to meet the needs of the business application and the trading partner. For more information, see the methods section on this website.

Raytheon Company also uses Exostar’s electronic trading exchange. Raytheon Company joined with The Boeing™ Company, Lockheed-Martin™ Corporation, BAE Systems™ Inc. and other major defense contractors to form this exchange. The purpose of Exostar® is to facilitate the buying and selling activities between the global aerospace and defense industry, and participating suppliers. To learn more about Exostar, visit their website at exostar.com.

In addition to the previously mentioned methods of electronic commerce, Raytheon Company utilizes Transcepta Electronic Invoicing in an effort to make our payment process faster and more efficient. This service should enable us to receive invoices from all of our suppliers electronically.

For more information about doing electronic commerce with Raytheon, contact the Raytheon Enterprise Solutions Integration Services team at the e-mail address listed below.

Boeing is a trademark of The Boeing Company.

Lockheed-Martin is a trademark of Lockheed-Martin Corporation.

BAE Systems is a trademark of BAE Systems, Inc.

Tanscepta is a trademark of Transcepta LLC

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