This course offers employees a detailed overview of RTSC labor reporting with references to policies, procedures and manuals. It includes step by step instructions on how an employee completes his or her timecard, including explanations of cost objects and elements. This course will ensure compliance with time reporting requirements, as required by RTSC's Employee Timekeeping Reporting and Approvals Policy FA-004. All RTSC new hires are required to take this course.

You will need your Raytheon Directory Services employee number and password for Simplified Sign On (SSO) login. Click here to look up your Directory Services information.

  • To access the course from within the Raytheon Intranet, please click this link to enroll and launch the course.
  • To access the course from the Internet, a Secure ID is required.

Your completion of this course will be recorded automatically in your Raytheon Learning Management System (LMS) training history.

For Employees and Managers of Offsite Locations
For managers of employees who do not have Intranet access, the PDF version is available via three links below. Once the training has been completed, both the employee and supervisor must sign the Acknowledgment Form and then mail/fax to timekeeping. The timekeeper will then update the training database. This will ensure the employee will receive credit for the completed course.

We have provided the contact information for the Timekeepers below.

Plano FSS Timekeeping
Dawn Baxley

Polar Timekeeping
Dee Dee Brown

For HR and Managers within the Raytheon Intranet, please use the following links to download the training course materials, quiz and acknowledgement form:


More Information

To access the course within the Raytheon Intranet, please click this link.

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