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Rcareers is a comprehensive recruiting tool designed to advance our candidate sourcing and hiring strategies worldwide. Whether you’re a recruiter, hiring manager or an employee looking for your next great role to build your career, using Rcareers will enable your search for career opportunities and help Raytheon better manage our acquisition of world-class talent.

Rcareers is Your Tool for finding great internal jobs and directing talented candidates to our company.

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Employees can explore new job opportunities within Raytheon. Please login to create your new profile.

Employee Referral

Discover the rewards of using the Employee Referral Incentive Program (ERIP) to refer talented people you know to Raytheon job opportunities.

Hiring Center

The Hiring Center is for recruiters, hiring managers, human resources generalists, business systems leads, and TA coordinators. This is where you create, approve, post, & manage requisitions and also search, screen, select, and track candidates.

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