Welcome to the Raytheon Missile Systems hosted E-Business information portal. Raytheon is a global leader in defense electronics and complex integrated information systems. E-Business allows our customers to participate in project management processes through Customer and Supply Chain Integration.

Customer Services

Like Supply Chain Integration (SCI), Customer Services links Raytheon to its customers electronically. We do this on the Internet using "Web Applications" with secure links through our firewall to our Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW). This allows Raytheon to provide unprecedented online information and services to our customer base.

CIWS (Close-In Weapon Systems) PBL Automated Requisition Tracking System (PARTS)
The CIWS Performance Based Logistics (PBL) Automated Requisition Tracking System (PARTS) has been developed to provide status on CIWS spare parts. It requires the user to input a valid requisition number and displays status from the shipper's website.

eMeeting Sametime Servers
For hosting and attending online meetings.

Integration and Test Log (ITLog)
ITLog is a web-based application that supports various types of integration, verification, and validation processes. Key features of ITLog include both Failure Reporting Analysis and Corrective Action System (FRACAS) and Trend Analysis tool set.

PDM (Product Data Management)
For storing, controlling and managing engineering and production data. Includes drawings, specifications and program management information. Use this tool to access CITIS data.

Policies & Procedures
Provides documentation for both Raytheon Missile Systems and Raytheon Corporate Policies & Procedures' websites.

Risk Register
Provides access to the RMS Risk Register tool and offers tracking and reporting capabilities. Risk Management is a systematic approach to identifying, assessing, and handling events that have a potential for causing detrimental consequences. Use this tool to create Risk Review Board Reports, Top 25 charts and waterfall charts.


All Non-Raytheon users (Customers, Partners, Suppliers, International, etc.) are required to complete an online External System Access Request (eSAR) to gain access to PDM. A Raytheon Point of Contact must issue an eSAR invitation to the Non-Raytheon user to initiate the account creation. For assistance, please contact the Raytheon IT Service Desk at 877-844-4712.


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