PIMS  Access Requirements
Each user must satisfy the following requirements before they can be added to the PIMS:

  1. Support Summary Description – the following initial facts are required to begin the Access Request process:
    • What Organization or Functional Area are you working on?
    • What is your compelling business reason for access?  
    • Who in your organization is sponsoring your access to PIMS?  This information is collected via a PIMS Access Request form (see access request section below).
  2. PIMS Access Request Form - Upon PMO approval, the Request Form that collects user information, access method – DoD CAC Card or RSA SecurID, and access specifications on PIMS application functional areas will be sent to you by the PIMS Access Administrator.
  3. PMSC PMO Approval - Based on your Support Summary (from Step #1), you will either be approved for access or declined for lack of need to know.
  4. Citizenship Verification
    • U.S. Person Verification - Verification will need to be on file at any Raytheon facility. Classified Visit Requests or current Army or Raytheon clearances satisfy this requirement. You MUST be a "U.S. Person" to apply for an account. (A "U.S. Person" can be a naturalized U.S. citizen.)
    • Non U.S. Person Verification – You will need to provide the Country of data export; the applicable U.S. State Department Export License, Technical Assistance, or Manufacturing License Agreement number.
  5. Remote Access Account - After you return the PIMS User Access Application Form to the PIMS Access Administrator, you will be processed for an account.
  6. ITAR Certification Requirement  - After you receive your new account, you will receive instructions to complete training in ITAR compliance and set up your new account according to the method of access you have chosen (from Step #2).

To initiate the access request, please send your Support Summary Description (from Step #1) to
pims-access@raytheon.com with “PIMS Access Request” in the subject line.

Note: Please allow 2-3 weeks for processing. Actual processing time is determined by response times by you, Raytheon IT Security, and Physical Security (Army and Raytheon).

If you have any questions, please send an email to wisdmhelpdesk@raytheon.com.