Command, Control, Communications and Intelligence (C3I) in Space

Raytheon’s C3I (Command, Control, Communications and Intelligence) systems provide integrated real-time support to decision-makers on and off the battlefield, transforming raw data into actionable intelligence. Raytheon’s leadership in C3I encompasses strategic and tactical systems covering ground, sea, air and space operations – all built on advanced network architecture and global combat experience.

Network Operations & Management

Raytheon Space Solutions C3I NOM iconRaytheon provides more than 25 years of complex, space communications planning experience and capability. Our approach to Network Operations and Management transforms the way users interact with the network while offering a low-risk, flexible, and adaptable product by reusing proven designs and software.

Delivering transformational communication capabilities that dynamically respond to the networking challenges faced by the modern warrior demands the experience and hard lessons learned from a broad array of successful defense and commercial systems integration and networking programs. This experience offers warriors the tools and operational flexibility to satisfy communication requirements to maintain and grow this nation’s information superiority advantage.

Data Processing

Raytheon Space Solutions C3I NOM iconRaytheon delivers highly complex data processing suites for space mission systems. These suites accept raw satellite data and extract actionable information from them using state-of-art hardware in processing configurations tailored to mission requirements. Raytheon systems are scalable to mission data loads, requiring sophisticated management of hundreds of processes creating tens of thousands of records daily. These data are managed and distributed by relational database management systems and web services.

Raytheon is the industry leader in software reuse for satellite applications, achieving up to 80 percent on some implementations. This successful experience yields the most cost effective approach to developing and integrating large data processing systems.

Raytheon is adept at integrating COTS software packages (including their graphics and user interface packages) within their tailored routines, and in implementing a robust process of converting science to operational code, which implements standardized data management and process control routines and isolates the core mathematical processing for ease of upgrade or replacement.

Mission Command & Control Systems

Raytheon Space Solutions C3I NOM iconRaytheon develops Mission Command & Control Systems (MCS), providing heterogeneous constellation management, space vehicle mission management, and command and control functionality for satellite ground segments.

Raytheon MCS architectures support highly complex and dynamic global networks, and plan, schedule, and execute thousands of tasks per day in a constantly changing environment. This dynamic tasking occurs in environments where there are typically more requests than resources, requiring automated policy execution, including all of the dynamic tasking, planning, scheduling, command, and control functions. Raytheon MCS achieve this high level of autonomous operation by utilizing millions of software source-lines-of-code and multiple, large databases. 

Raytheon defines, designs, develops, operates, and maintains its systems, to include extensive external interfaces for receipt of user tasking, collection feedback, and communication service requests.

Information Dissemination

Raytheon Space Solutions C3I NOM iconRaytheon is transforming military Information Dissemination using an innovative mixture of commercial and military components to provide military users worldwide Internet-based technologies and protocols through broadband services. Raytheon’s use of commercial, direct broadcast technology for the Smart Push and User Pull delivery of real-time information, video, data, and imagery, as well as theater and national level intelligence, provides significant force enhancement capabilities to joint and coalition military forces.

Raytheon’s leadership of high-tech communications and satellite vendors provides access to a wide range of services, including broadband data, audio, and video; maintains connectivity of large networks of military terminals with SIPRnet, NIPRnet, ROKUS, and NATO systems; and provides secure data delivery to Navy, Marine, Army, and Air Force units wherever they are deployed.


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