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Mission: Train. Sustain. Maintain.

Answering tough questions with ideas. Turning ideas into products. Shaping employees into experts.

Raytheon is a world leader in training, design, contract manufacturing and other services for customers worldwide.

We deliver proven training results and support high-consequence missions from Antarctica to the Arctic and from Afghanistan to Alaska. Our innovative approaches and proven tools help customers optimize limited resources. And our logistics operations keep customers equipped at every step in any location.

We live in a big world. But our expertise crosses all boundaries. That’s our mission.

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Services News

Raytheon awarded $26.9 million Department of Defense training development task order

Raytheon BBN Technologies developing new approach to cyber defense

Raytheon to maintain US Air Force Global Hawk ground elements

Raytheon recognized for role in advancing the training industry

Raytheon Professional Services receives TekTonic Award for Best Learning Technology from HRO Today

Raytheon BBN Technologies awarded additional funding to enable early awareness of emerging technology

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