Prior to the start of a training rotation, the visiting unit’s commander meets with the training planning committee at the NTC to start developing a training exercise that will last almost 30 days while they are at the NTC.

  • Each training rotation is tailored toward that specific unit coming through because each unit has different needs, strengths and weaknesses that must be addressed before going into theater.
  • The Raytheon team supports this customized training and partners with the Army in its development.
  • The Raytheon team’s planning for rotations also includes writing scenarios that will be played out by role players. Those scenarios are written to elicit certain threads that will result in situations that aid in the soldiers’ training. For example, the soldiers must learn how to develop relationships with local citizens and if they are not favorable, they could result in attacks on the soldiers.
  • Occasionally, planning for the rotations must be modified if the unit received alternate mobilization orders to a different location. Raytheon is required to provide agility in reacting to those changes.
  • Initial planning for an NTC mission starts 180 days prior to the unit’s visit.
  • Joint training with the U.S. Air Force and U.S. Navy also takes place at NTC.


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