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08/07/12Raytheon-led Team Enters Fifth Year of Warfighter FOCUS Program Support
08/06/12Raytheon Selected as ‘Contractor of Excellence’ at Fort Benning
07/01/11Raytheon-led Warrior Training Alliance at the National Training Center Highlighted on Raytheon Warfighter Support Services Video
06/23/11Afghan Airmen Complete First Phase of Pilot Training on Raytheon-led Contract
10/05/09Raytheon Wins U.S. Armed Forces Combat Training Program In Kuwait
06/18/09Raytheon Celebrates One Year of Training Support to the U.S. Army
06/02/09Raytheon Continues Long-standing Support to the National Training Center
05/11/09Raytheon Supports U.S. Army Exercise Using Portable Training Technology
12/15/08Raytheon Opens Management Office in Orlando, Fla., to Support Warfighter FOCUS Program
10/03/08Raytheon Opens Warfighter Support Center in Louisville, Ky.
10/02/08Raytheon-led Team Executing at Fast Pace on Warfighter FOCUS Program
05/06/08Raytheon Team Starts Work To Integrate the U.S. Army's Live, Virtual and Constructive Training Support
11/06/07Warfighter FOCUS Moves Forward
11/06/07Raytheon to Proceed with the Warfighter FOCUS Program
06/05/07Raytheon-led Warrior Training Alliance Wins U.S. Army Warfighter FOCUS Program; Mobilizes to Consolidate Army Training Worldwide


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